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#5- The Declaration of Independence


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despite the fact the colonist were English, they did not feel that they were being given the same rights as people living in England. Name the document that protected English citizens' rights, but did not fully apply to the colonist
Magna Carta
when Britain refuses to give colonist the same rights as citizens living in England, they eventually want to________ Britain?
what two men supported and contributed to the development of the "social contract theory"
thomas hobbes and russo
according to the "social contract theory", why do men and women choose to establish governments, what do they "give up" in exchange for what the government provides
there needs to be a government --> spereation of powers (checks and balances). they gave up their natural state of living
what are the 3 rights the John locke call the "inalienable"
life, liberty, and property
two of these rights later show up in what great American document?
the declaration of independence
when one person / group makes the laws AND enforce the laws, people's rights will be infringed upon. Because of this, John Locke stated that it is essential that governments contain a "_____ of powers"
according to the social contract theory, what should happen if a government fails to protect the natural rights of the people, the is was the right of the people to ________ the government
how did Thomas Jefferson add or change to John locke's "natural rights of man"
changed ---> life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
the many grievances listed in the declaration of independence are the reasons that, when a new U.S constitution was written, a ________ was added to protect the individual rights of citizens
what date was the declaration of independence signed? (America's birthday)
4 july 1776
"for quartering large bodies of armed troops among us"
not allowing soldiers to stay/station in the homes of the people
"For cutting off our trade with all parts of the world"
letting citizens mercantile with other countries
"For imposing taxes on us without our consent"
government isn't allowed to tax the people without their say
"For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of trial by jury"
the government has to give representation for a fair trail
"For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses"
beyond states= England
"For suspending our own legislative;atuer, and [parliament] declaring themselves invested with power to legislature for us in all cases whatsoever"
(colonial legislation) government cannot take all the power in order to legislate for us in all
the declaration of independence states that all people have the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of ______
according to the declaration of independence, a government power comes from________
the people
which action can be justified by the political philosophy expressed in the declaration on independence
a group of rebels try to overthrow a representative from the government
in the writing of the declaration of independence, Thomas Jefferson based his argument for American independence on the idea that
people have natural rights as human beings
the primary purpose of the declaration of independence was to...
justify the revolt of the American colonists against GB
Locke's theory of natural rights, as reflected in the declaration of independence, states that....
power to govern belongs to the people
the major purpose of the declaration of independence was to...
justify the actions of people seeking to overthrow the British colonial rule
the authors of the declaration of independence used the phrase "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" to identify
natural rights
in the declaration, the argument for freedom from British rule is based primary on....
social contract theory of government developed by John Locke
according to the declaration of independence, the purpose of the government is to...
protect the rights of individuals
which two key principles of government are included in the declaration of independence
consent of the government and natural rights
in what document is "all men are created equal"
the declaration of independence
the "inalienable rights" mentioned in the declaration of independence
rights that cannot be taken away
what document was written first?
the declaration of independence
vice-admirialty court
no jury
writs of assistant
"blanket"search warrants which allows home/ business to be researched w/out a judge order