50 terms

GRE Master Words XVI1

Rusticate (v)
banish to the country; live there
Sagacious (adj)
perceptive; shrewd; perspicacious
Sallow (adj)
Salutary (adj)
tending to improve; beneficial; wholesome
Sanctimonious (adj)
displaying ostentatious or hypocritical devoutness
Sanguinary (adj)
Sanguine (adj)
cheerful; hopeful
Sardonic (adj)
disdainful; sarcastic; cynical
Sartorial (adj)
pertaining to tailors
Saturnine (adj)
Saunter (v)
stroll slowly
Savant (n)
learned scholar
Scad (n)
a great quantity
Scenario (n)
plot outline, screenplay; opera libretto
Scintillate (v)
sparkle, flash
Scotch (v)
stamp out; thwart; hinder
Scourge (n)
lash; whip; severe punishment
Scruple (v)
fret about; hesitate, for ethical reasons
Scurrilous (adj)
obscene; indecent
Scurvy (adj)
despicable; contemptible
Scuttle (v)
Seamy (adj)
sordid, unwholesome
Sedate (adj)
composed; grave
Sedition (n)
resistance to authority; insubordination
Sedulous (adj)
Seine (n)
net for catching fish
Semblance (n)
outward appearance; guise
Seminal (adj)
germinal; influencing future development; related to seed or semen
Seminary (n)
2ndary school esp. for young women; school for training future ministers
Sensuous (adj)
pertaining to the physical senses
Sententious (adj)
terse; aphoristic; concise
Sepulcher (n)
Sere (adj)
parched; dry
Sextant (n)
navigation tool used to determine a ships longitude and latitude
Shrew (n)
scolding woman
Shunt (v)
turn aside; divert; sidetrack
Shyster (n)
lawyer using questionable tactics
Sibylline (adj)
prophetic; oracular
Sidereal (adj)
relating to the stars
Simian (adj)
Simper (v)
smirk; smile affectedly
Sinecure (n)
well-paid position with little responsibility
Singular (adj)
odd; unique; extraordinary
Sinuous (adj)
not morally honest; winding; bending in and out
Skinflint (n)
miser; stingy person
Skittish (adj)
lively; frisky
Skulduggery (n)
dishonest behavior
Skulk (v)
move furtively and secretly
Slacken (v)
slow up; loosen
Slag (n)
residue from smelting metal; dross