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Deciding how to structure
an essay is easy when your assignment specifies a particular pattern of development
Parts of a paper
1. Introduction
2. Body
3. Conclusion
Usually one paragraph and rarely more than two, introduces your subject, creates interest, and often states your thesis
How to begin a intro (8)
Options on how to begin:
Background info
Anecdote or story
A question
A quotation
A surprising statement
A contradiction
Fact or Statistic
The body paragraphs present the support that convinces your audience your thesis is reasonable. Each paragraph must be unified, coherent, and well developed
A paragraph is unified when each sentence relates directly to the main idea of the paragraph.
topic sentence
the main idea of each paragraph which acts as a guidepost, making it easy for readers to follow the paragraph's discussion.
Each body paragraph should contain sentences that are smoothly and logically connected to one another.
This flow is accomplished by using Pronouns and Transitions.
well developed
A paragraph is well developed if it contains the support- examples, reasons, facts, and so on- that the readers need to understand its main idea.

Support should be Representative (support that is typical) and Documented (risk Plagiarism).

Each body paragraph should follow a particular pattern of development
Each body paragraph should clearly support the thesis statement
Always end your essay in a way that reinforces your thesis and purpose.
Possible ways to end:
Review key points (aka restate your thesis)
Recommendation of a course of action
formal outline
A Detailed, multi-level, constructions that indicate the exact order in which you will present your key points and supporting details.