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Plazas Ch. 11-12 Encuentra Cultural

Vivian Fernandez de Torrijos
the first lady of Panama, a publicist, and founder of the ACDE (Joint Assistance Agency for those with Disabilities)
Martin Torrijos Espino
President of Panama
Santa Maria la Antigua del Darien
the first city founded by the Spanish in Central America in 1510, also the first center of power for the Catholic church
Bocas del Toro
an archipelago between Panama and Costa Rica that traded turtles, cocoa, and mahogany with the English. in 1934 the economy fell due to a banana blight. Today the economy of the area is marine tourism.
Basque Núñez de Balboa
the first to think of opening a passage through the isthmus of Panama in 1513.
an indian tribe famous for waterproof baskets (made of chunga) and wood carvings. some are worth over $1,000 to collectors
Oscar Arias Sanchez
current president of Costa Rica; was also president 1986-1990. won the nobel peace prize in 1987.
José Figueres Ferrer
led a military coup in 1948 and then disbanded the Costa Rican army.
Costa Rican economy
based on tourism, electronics, and agriculture
a city in Costa Rica famous for its painted carts, which for a long while were the only method of transportation.
National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica
founded sixty years ago, a respected classical orchestra of Costa Rica