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  1. Name two examples of composers who used popular legends and melodies into their works.
  2. Who were the only nation-states in Europe as of 1815?
  3. What were negative results of nationalism?
  4. Who monstly believed in nationalism?
  5. What did Louis-Napoleon implement during his rule? What did his policies eventually cause?
  1. a Liberals and radicals
  2. b He built railroads, encouraged industrialization, and promoted an ambitious program of public works. His policies eventually caused the decrease of French unmployment, and the experience of real prosperity.
  3. c 1) It forced assimilation of minority cultures into a nation's majority culture, 2) it caused ethnic cleansing, such as in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s, 3) it caused the rise of extreme nationalistic movements, such as Nazism, 4) it caused the competition between nations that led to warfare.
  4. d France, England, and Spain
  5. e Czech composer Antonin Dvorak and Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg.

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  1. 1) After an unruly mob in Vienna clashed with police, Metternich resigned and liberal uprisings broke out throughout the Austrian empire. 2) In Budapest, Louis Kossuth, national leader, called for a parliament and self-government for Hungary. 3) Czech liberals demanded Bohemian independence in Prague.
  2. It is an independent geopolitical unit of people having a common culture and identiy. It defends the nation's territory and way of life, and it represents the nation to the rest of the world.
  3. The Poles living under Russian rule staged a revolt in Warsaw ate in 1830, and Russian armies took nearly a year to crush the uprising.
  4. Richard Wagner with his operas and cycle of four musical dramas called (italicized) Der Ring des Nibelungen.
  5. Russia's industries and transportation system failed to provide adequate supplies for the country's troops.

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  1. After the Crimean War, who decided to move Russia towards modernization and social change, and why?Czar Nicholas I's son, Alexander II; He and his advisers believed that his reforms would allow Russia to compete with western Europe for world power.


  2. What did Louis-Philippe long support in France?liberal reforms


  3. Who were conservatives and what did they believe?They were usually property owners and nobility, who argued for protecting the traditional monarchies of Europe.


  4. What was the condition of Italian states during the nationalist revolutions and what occured in them?The Greeks


  5. When was a moderate constitution created in France, and what did it call for?1881 by terrorists; it caused political and social reforms to stop.