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  1. Who was King Charles X of France replaced by in 1830 when he fled to Great Britain?
  2. What did King Charles X of France try to do in 1830, and what did it cause?
  3. What was the condition of Italian states during the nationalist revolutions and what occured in them?
  4. What did liberals in large empires such as the Hungarians in the Austrian Empire want to do?
  5. What happened between the Poles and the Russians in regards to declaring independence?
  1. a Louis-Philippe
  2. b He tried to stage a return to absolute monarchy, causing riots that forced Charles to flee to Great Britain.
  3. c The Poles living under Russian rule staged a revolt in Warsaw ate in 1830, and Russian armies took nearly a year to crush the uprising.
  4. d split away and establish self rule.
  5. e Nationalists worked to unite the many seperate states on the Italian peninsula; some were independent, while some were ruled by Austria, or by the pope. Eventually Prince Metternich sent Austrian troops to restore order in Italy.

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  1. 1848 - it called for a parliament and a strong president to be elected by the people.
  2. France, Great Britain, Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire
  3. Gather the many different German states into a single nation-state.
  4. France, England, and Spain
  5. After almost 18 years of rule he fell from favor, due to a Paris mob overturning the monarchy and creating a republic.

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  1. Who and with what form of media was considered the pinnacle of German nationalism?1) People within a nation overcame their differences for a common good, 2) colonial rule was overthrown, 3) democratic governments were instituted in naitons throughout the world, 4) competition among nations spurred scientific and technological advances


  2. What were the three ideals of the French Revolution?Liberty, equality, and brotherhood


  3. Why did Russia lose the Crimean was in 1856 to combined forces of France, Sardinia, Great Britain, and the Ottoman Empire?radical demand for democratic government


  4. Who took over after Alexander II was assasinated? What did he do?Alexander III; he tighened czarist control over the country, but he and his ministers also encouraged industrial development to expand Russia's power.


  5. What is territory?a certain territory that belongs to the ethnic group; its "land"