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  1. Who was King Charles X of France replaced by in 1830 when he fled to Great Britain?
  2. After the Crimean War, who decided to move Russia towards modernization and social change, and why?
  3. What is religion (its relation to naitonalism)?
  4. When did Louis-Philippe fall from favor and why?
  5. Why did many Russians want serfdom to end in the 1820s?
  1. a Czar Nicholas I's son, Alexander II; He and his advisers believed that his reforms would allow Russia to compete with western Europe for world power.
  2. b They thought it was morally wrong, and it prevented the empire from advancing economically.
  3. c A religion shared by all or most of the people
  4. d After almost 18 years of rule he fell from favor, due to a Paris mob overturning the monarchy and creating a republic.
  5. e Louis-Philippe

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  1. France, Great Britain, Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire
  2. Russia's industries and transportation system failed to provide adequate supplies for the country's troops.
  3. Serfs were bound to the nobles whose land they worked.
  4. Liberals were mostly middle class business leaders and merchants who wanted to give more power to elected parliaments, but only the educated and landowners could vote.
  5. He tried to stage a return to absolute monarchy, causing riots that forced Charles to flee to Great Britain.

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  1. What is language?A common past; common experiences


  2. When was a moderate constitution created in France, and what did it call for?1881 by terrorists; it caused political and social reforms to stop.


  3. Who took over after Alexander II was assasinated? What did he do?1881 by terrorists; it caused political and social reforms to stop.


  4. When did the Battle of Navarino occur, who did it involve, and why?In 1827, a combined Russian, British, and French fleet destroyed the Ottoman fleet in support for the Greeks.


  5. What was Prince Klemens von Metternich trying to restore vis the Congress of Vienna?France, Great Britain, Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire