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  1. What is history?
  2. Even though revolution was frowned upon during the time period, why did the Europeans support the Greeks?
  3. What painting did Victor Schnetz paint, and what did it portray?
  4. What happened between the Poles and the Russians in regards to declaring independence?
  5. Where, when, and why did nationalist riots break out against Dutch rule?
  1. a In the Belgian city of Brussels in October 1830, due to the Belgian declaration of independence from the Ditch.
  2. b (italicized) Combat Before the Hotel de Ville, July 28, 1830; It portrays the riots in Paris that forced Charles X to flee to Great Britain.
  3. c A common past; common experiences
  4. d The Poles living under Russian rule staged a revolt in Warsaw ate in 1830, and Russian armies took nearly a year to crush the uprising.
  5. e Many respected and loved their culture and that they were able to maintain it even though they were rulled by the Ottomans.

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  1. a certain territory that belongs to the ethnic group; its "land"
  2. belief in common ethnic ancestry that may or may not come true
  3. 1848 - it called for a parliament and a strong president to be elected by the people.
  4. Czar Nicholas I's son, Alexander II; He and his advisers believed that his reforms would allow Russia to compete with western Europe for world power.
  5. 1852 - took the title Emperor Napoleon III

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  1. Who monstly believed in nationalism?Liberals and radicals


  2. Name all of th ethnic uprisings that occured in 18481) After an unruly mob in Vienna clashed with police, Metternich resigned and liberal uprisings broke out throughout the Austrian empire. 2) In Budapest, Louis Kossuth, national leader, called for a parliament and self-government for Hungary. 3) Czech liberals demanded Bohemian independence in Prague.


  3. What was Prince Klemens von Metternich trying to restore vis the Congress of Vienna?France, Great Britain, Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire


  4. What did the liberals in Germany want to do?The region that included all or part of present day Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, and the former Yugoslavia.


  5. What were the three political thinking styles of the first half of the 1800s in Europe?Liberty, equality, and brotherhood


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