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  1. When was a moderate constitution created in France, and what did it call for?
  2. Who monstly believed in nationalism?
  3. What were the bonds created by a nation-state?
  4. Who was King Charles X of France replaced by in 1830 when he fled to Great Britain?
  5. To create nationalistic music, what did composers use in their works?
  1. a Louis-Philippe
  2. b folk melodies
  3. c Culture, History, Language, Territory, Nationality, and Religion.
  4. d Liberals and radicals
  5. e 1848 - it called for a parliament and a strong president to be elected by the people.

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  1. A religion shared by all or most of the people
  2. France, England, and Spain
  3. Nationalists worked to unite the many seperate states on the Italian peninsula; some were independent, while some were ruled by Austria, or by the pope. Eventually Prince Metternich sent Austrian troops to restore order in Italy.
  4. 1) After an unruly mob in Vienna clashed with police, Metternich resigned and liberal uprisings broke out throughout the Austrian empire. 2) In Budapest, Louis Kossuth, national leader, called for a parliament and self-government for Hungary. 3) Czech liberals demanded Bohemian independence in Prague.
  5. Louis-Napoleon, the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte

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  1. Why did many Russians want serfdom to end in the 1820s?They thought it was morally wrong, and it prevented the empire from advancing economically.


  2. Why did Russia lose the Crimean was in 1856 to combined forces of France, Sardinia, Great Britain, and the Ottoman Empire?Russia's industries and transportation system failed to provide adequate supplies for the country's troops.


  3. What did the liberals in Germany want to do?Gather the many different German states into a single nation-state.


  4. What was the combined force that defeated Russia in the Crimean War in 1856?radical demand for democratic government


  5. What document did President Abraham Lincoln issue in 1862 and what did it do?The Emancipation Proclamation, which freed enslaved peoples inder the Confederacy. This did not free slaves in the border states