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  1. What were negative results of nationalism?
  2. What is a nation-state?
  3. What did the liberals in Germany want to do?
  4. What happened to the post - Louis-Philippe formed republic?
  5. Who were the first people to win self rule during the nationalist period?
  1. a 1) It forced assimilation of minority cultures into a nation's majority culture, 2) it caused ethnic cleansing, such as in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s, 3) it caused the rise of extreme nationalistic movements, such as Nazism, 4) it caused the competition between nations that led to warfare.
  2. b The Greeks
  3. c It began to fall apart immediately - the radicals split up into factions, as one side wanted only political reform, and the other side also wanting social and economic reform.
  4. d It is an independent geopolitical unit of people having a common culture and identiy. It defends the nation's territory and way of life, and it represents the nation to the rest of the world.
  5. e Gather the many different German states into a single nation-state.

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  1. Many respected and loved their culture and that they were able to maintain it even though they were rulled by the Ottomans.
  2. Liberals were mostly middle class business leaders and merchants who wanted to give more power to elected parliaments, but only the educated and landowners could vote.
  3. A religion shared by all or most of the people
  4. split away and establish self rule.
  5. The Crimean War

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  1. What were positive results of nationalism?Liberals and radicals


  2. What was the main goal of revolution in France?The region that included all or part of present day Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, and the former Yugoslavia.


  3. What were the terms of Russia's feudal system (still enforced in the 1800s)?Serfs were bound to the nobles whose land they worked.


  4. By what year did Europe practically return to the conservatism that had controlled governments before 1848?The Crimean War


  5. Who were the only nation-states in Europe as of 1815?Culture, History, Language, Territory, Nationality, and Religion.