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  1. After the Crimean War, who decided to move Russia towards modernization and social change, and why?
  2. What is history?
  3. When the Greeks get independence from the Ottoman Turks?
  4. What is religion (its relation to naitonalism)?
  5. Who and with what form of media was considered the pinnacle of German nationalism?
  1. a Richard Wagner with his operas and cycle of four musical dramas called (italicized) Der Ring des Nibelungen.
  2. b A religion shared by all or most of the people
  3. c 1821 (March 25 to be exact)
  4. d A common past; common experiences
  5. e Czar Nicholas I's son, Alexander II; He and his advisers believed that his reforms would allow Russia to compete with western Europe for world power.

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  1. He built railroads, encouraged industrialization, and promoted an ambitious program of public works. His policies eventually caused the decrease of French unmployment, and the experience of real prosperity.
  2. the old monarchies and territorial divisions that had existed before the French Revolution.
  3. The Poles living under Russian rule staged a revolt in Warsaw ate in 1830, and Russian armies took nearly a year to crush the uprising.
  4. Nationalists worked to unite the many seperate states on the Italian peninsula; some were independent, while some were ruled by Austria, or by the pope. Eventually Prince Metternich sent Austrian troops to restore order in Italy.
  5. Louis-Philippe

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  1. What did Louis-Philippe long support in France?After almost 18 years of rule he fell from favor, due to a Paris mob overturning the monarchy and creating a republic.


  2. What were the bonds created by a nation-state?Culture, History, Language, Territory, Nationality, and Religion.


  3. What was the Balkans?The region that included all or part of present day Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, and the former Yugoslavia.


  4. What was caused due to the factions created by the dissipation of the republic government in France?It began to fall apart immediately - the radicals split up into factions, as one side wanted only political reform, and the other side also wanting social and economic reform.


  5. What is nationality?belief in common ethnic ancestry that may or may not come true