25 terms

Period 6 A Long Way Gone Vocabulary Part 2

Ablution (182) (noun)
a cleansing with water or other liquid
Auspices (215) (noun)
support; sponsorship
Burdensome (165) (adjective)
Chisel (157) (noun or adjective)
to cut, shape
Conjure (72) (verb)
to call or bring into existence
Delve (104) (verb)
to carry on intensive and thorough research for data
Elaborate (86) (verb)
to add details in writing, speaking
Enunciate (196) (verb)
to utter or pronounce
Festoon (187) (noun)
A string or garland, as of leaves or flowers, suspended in a loop or curve between two points
Gyrate (73) (verb)
to move in a circle or spiral
Indelible (51) (adjcetive)
that cannot be eliminated
Jubilation (102) (noun)
a joyful or festive celebration
Latrine (146) (noun)
something used as a toilet
Lorry (176) (noun)
motor truck
Mercenary (66) (noun)
a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army
Mimic (73) (verb)
to imitate or copy in action
Rarity (181) (adjective)
rare occurence
Reconcile (205) (verb)
to restore
Repatriate (179) (verb)
to return to one's own country
Residue (211) (noun)
something that remains after a part is removed
Scuttle (116) (verb)
to run with quick, hasty steps, scurry
Somber (159) (adjective)
gloomily dark, shadowy, dimly lighted
Sporadic (149) (adjective)
appearing in scattered or isolated instances
Tributary (101) (noun)
of a stream, flowing into a larger stream
Turmoil (217) (noun)
a state of great commotion, confusion, or disturbance