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Western Influence-Japan

Japanese went abroad with grants and returned to teach Western painting techniques

Sunrise Over the Eastern Sea

Fujishima traveled throughout Japan, sketching and painting the landscape; shows the results of all his journeys

Fujishima Takeji

Sunrise Over the Eastern Sea

China Modern

Gao Jianfu after seeing how open the Japanese were to Western art became politically active in urging China's modernization and taught art in Shanghai

The Five-Storied Tower

The perspective and colors are influenced by the West, but Gao took a traditional Asain subject and used traditional Chinese and Japanese brush techniques

Gao Jianfu

The Five-Storied Tower, The leader of the first movement of Chinese artists that combined influences from Asia and the West

Communist Art

urged a socially progressive, low-cost art that could be widely disseminated and that clearly depicted the current political and economic situation in the country

Take Him In

A wounded protester taking refuge from the disorder outside; he enters a printmaking studio where artists interrupt their work to care for their wounded comrade

Li Hua

Take Him In!


When the Indian subcontinent was still a British colony, a small group of Indian artists hoped to create an art of global reach by synthesizing Asian and Western techniques into a seamless new style

The Swing

exemplies Amrita Sher-Gil concerns. Indian women of indifferent races, whom she hoped to elevate by depicting in a noble way

Amrita Sher-Gil

The Swing

Progresive Art Group

artists wanted to embody the complex reality of India as it became a modern state


A dark figure seated at the center, surrounded by other figures of different colors symbolizing the various races of India

M.F. Husain


Egyptian Nationalism

Embodied the new spirit of a liberated Egypt

Egypt Awakening

Shows influence from that ancient style and from the simplified sculpture of Brancusi. A spinx fising and stretching its catlike front legs; at its side is a woman opening her eyes as she pulls back a veil.

Mahmoud Mukhtar

Egypt Awakening

South Africa

One of the fews zones in which persons of any race could own property.

Street Scene

Shows a modest row of clapboard houses, populated with persons of various ages

Gerard Sekoto

One of the first black African modernists, Street Scene

Zaria Art Society

A group of art students rebelled against the neglect of African traditions and created the society with the goal of expressing more of their school curriculum

Ana Mnuo

The work reflects the artist's study of Nigerian house decoration and woodcarvings, even as it swirls with forms resembling Surrealist automatic drawing.

Uche Okeke

Leader of Zaria Art Society. Ana Mnuo

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