AP Statistics Chapter 1


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the science of data
data analysis
the process of organizing, displaying, summarizing, and asking questions about data
objects described by a set of data
any characteristic of an individual, generally takes on many values (we are interested in how often a variable takes on each value)
categorical variable
places an individual into one of several groups or categories
quantitative variable
takes numerical values for which it makes sense to find an average
tells us what values a variable takes and how often it takes those values
categorical variables
place individuals into one or several groups or categories
two-way table
describes two categorical variables, organizing counts according to a row variable and a column variable
marginal distribution
The ___________ of one of the categorical variables in a two-way table of counts is the distribution of values of that variable among all individuals described by the table.
conditional distribution
A ____________ of a variable describes the values of that variable among individuals who have a specific value of another variable.