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Anatomy Exam 6

Meninges of the brain?

Dura mater, arachnoid mater, pia mater

Where is CSF found?

Subarachnoid space (between arachnoid and pia) and within ventricles

Two layers of dura mater?

Periosteal (bone side) and meningeal (brain side)

Which layer of dura mater can form dural folds?


Dural fold

folds in dura mater (meningeal) between fissures

Name three dural folds

Falx cerebri, falx cerebelli, tentorium

Falx cerebri

Along longitudinal fissure; between the cerebral hemispheres

Falx cerebelli

Along cerebellar notch; between cerebellar hemispheres


Along horizontal fissure; between cerebrum and cerebellum

What is CSF?

Cerebrospinal fluid; similar to blood plasma

Functions of CSF

insulation/protection, metabolic waste removal, hormone transport

Brain ventricles

spaces within the brain filled with CSF

Choroid plexus

contained in ventricles; produces CSF

Name the 4 ventricles

2 lateral (cerebrum), 3rd (diencephalon), 4th (brainstem)

What is a special feature of the fourth ventricle?



connections from fourth ventricle to subarachnoid space (allow CSF to flow into this space)

Path of CSF

choroid plexus, ventricles (first and second to third to fourth), apertures, subarachnoid space, arachnoid villi, dural sinuses, bloodstream

Arachnoid villi

transport points where CSF flows from subarachnoid space into dural sinuses

Dural sinuses

vein-like structures that drain fluid from brain into venous system

How do dural sinuses differ from veins?

No smooth muscle nor valves

What does vertebral artery supply?

Cervical spinal cord and posterior brain

Vertebral artery branches off of what?

Subclavian artery

What does internal carotid artery supply?

Anterior brain

Internal carotid artery branches off of what?

Common carotid artery

What do branches from basilar artery supply?

Cerebellum and pons

What do branches from circle of Willis supply?


What arteries make up circle of Willis?

Anterior and posterior communicating arteries

Dural sinuses pathway to venous system

Cavernous and superior sagittal and inferior sagittal, transverse, sigmoid

Sigmoid sinus becomes which vein?

Internal jugular vein

Venous pathway

Internal jugular vein, brachiocephalic trunk, superior vena cava

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