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Anne Clarke

A woman who was raised on traditional Italian values and as she got older, broke away and went back to school

Social/cultural expectations of women

Anne Clarke was an example of...


This took place on January 30, 1968, the height of the war and the huge turning point in Vietnam

LBJ loses Kronkite and America

During the huge turning point in Vietnam...


This was also supposed to be a cease-fire

Stronghold cities

These are where the VC open fire


These people place weapon in coffins and lead the Americans to believe that they are holding memorials and instead open fire.

New Hampshire Primary

This happens in March of 1968

Eugene McCarthy

At the New Hampshire Primary, this Senator runs for the Democratic nomination

Eugene McCarthy

This man who runs for the democratic nomination is anti-war an nobody seems to know him, however once he almost beat LBJ, LBJ knows "it's all over."

March 1968

During this month and year, LBJ announces he will not run for office next year

Robert Kennedy

This anti-war "dove" decides to run for presidency

MLK is assassinated

On April 4, 1968...

Robert Kennedy is assassinated

On June 5, 1968 after just winning the Californian vote for presidency...

Chicago Convenion

This takes place in August 1968

Hubert Humphrey

LBJ's vice president on the Democratic side at the Chicago Convention

Richard Nixon

On the Republican side at the Chicago Convention

Richard Daly

This mayor brings in the police at the Chicago Convention


During this year, 18 year olds can now vote

Spiro Agnew

The vice president of Nixon

Silent Majority

Nixon spoke for this

Law and order issues

Nixon's polic revolved around these

Peace with Honor

This is how Nixon phrased how he would not just abandon Vietnam and cut losses.


Nixon was known to be this, in which he defends the military


Nixon earns this percentage of the black vote

NBC Today Show

Because Nixon used the media well,he was sworn in on this

White Male Republicans

Nixon's cabinet comprised on these

Imperial Presidency

Nixon's presidency was often referred to as this

Palace Guard

This was the group of people who would do anythng to protect Nixon

H.R. Haldeman

This was Nixon's chief of staff

Berlin Wall

What Haldeman and Ehrlichman were known as

John Erlichman

Nixon's White House Counsel

John Mitchell

Nixon's Attorney General and later head of CREEP and Dept. of Defense

Big Enchilada

What Michell was also known as

Governmet spending

Nixon cuts back on this

Interest Rates

Nixon raises this

Wage and price controls

Nixon imposes this

Dorothy Heights

This was a black woman who fought alongside John Lewis and MLK who fought for Women's and Civil Righs and was head of the National Association of Negro Women

Wage and price controls

During his re-election, Nixon lifts...


In 1972, a large amount of this is sold to court farmers

Oil Embargo

This is the biggest factor of the economic downfall

6 Days War

This begins in 1967 involving Israelies making an attack on Egypt because they expected an attack


This group wants to punish the US for being allies with Israel

Yom Kippur War

This involved the attack of Arab countries against Israel and the quadrupling of oil prices


This raised the prices of bread, agriculture produce, industrial produce, auto industry, and foregin exports

Family Assistance Plan

This welfare state by Nixon fails

Daniel Patrick Moynihan

This democrat wants to replace the welfare state


This amount is to be stypened for every family of four below the poverty line (yearly) and $800 worth of food stamps

Spiro Agnew

As part of Nixon's attack, this man goes after students verbally


To get the Liberals, Nixon uses this

Warren Burger

This man is the Chief Justice

Rehnquist and Blackmun

These two men are also appointed by Nixon

Court white southers

As a part of his Southern Strategy, Nixon wants to..


Nixon attempts to appoint two white southerners, but they are rejected due to the belief that they have...


Nixon wants to take back the rights of these

Fair Housing

Nixon cuts money to tis


Nixon attempts to slow the liberalizing of these laws regarding...


Nixon tries to ______ school desegregation

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Nixon attempts to block an extention of this legislation

Strom Thurmond

This man tries to stop federal school desegregation

John Mitchell

This man helps Thurmond (who is supported by Nixon) to stop school desegregation

Supreme Court

This pushes desegregation

De facto

Segregation in Residential Patterns (North)

De jure

Segregation By Law (South)


This is to be used to desegregate schools


The Supreme Court rules in this year that bussing will be used to desegregate

Charlotte Mecklenberg

The busing system comes to light in this NC school system


In this city, blue collar workers are angry to see blacks intermingling


Judge orders desegregation in this year

Nixon Doctrine

Involves Vietnamization and peace with honor

Nixon Doctrine

This involves the removal of American soliders and replacing of Vietnamese soldiers

Death toll

This increases with the Nixon Doctrine

De Tente

The ease of tensions and thaw in cold war


Name for the program that Nixon applied to Vietnam replacing American sSoldiers with South Vietnamese soldiers

Nixon Doctrine

Name of the policy that declared the US would aid allies but not provide to the majority of troop support in conflict

Two countries Nixon applied Detente to

China and Russia


The village in South Vietnam that consisted of a massacre of civilians

William Calley

Commander that was tried for Mylai

Bungalow Bill

Beatles input on Mylai

Kent State U

student protest over nixon's bombing of Cambodia

henry kissinger

Nixon's secretary of state

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