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antimicrobial agent

Drugs used to treat infection


member of a class of invertebrate animals that includes the insects, crustaceans, and arachnids


The process of removing pathogenic microorganisms or protecting against infection by such organism.

broad spectrum antimicrobial agents

drugs used to treat a broad range of infection


small capsule like sacs that enclose certain organisms in their dormant or larval stage


single celled or multicellular organisms whose cell contain a distinct membrane bound nucleus


requiring specialized media or growth factors to grow


Glycoproteins produced by cells infected with a virus or another intracellular parasite that can be used medically as antiviral or anticancer therapeutics


a protein produced by certain white blood cells that regulates immune responses by activating lymphocytes and initiating fever

in vitro

refers to conditions outside of a living body


the molecules needed for metabolism: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids


organisms of microscopic or submicroscopic size


groups of like or different atoms held together by chemical forces


one billionth of a meter


pertaining to or originating in the hospital; said of a infection not present or incubating before admittance to the hospital


differentiated structures within a cell, such as mitochondrial, vacuoles, and chloroplasts, which perform a specific function.


agents that cause disease, especially living microorganisms such as a bacteria or fungi


a unicellular organism having cells that lack a membrane bound nucleus


chemicals released from cells that cause smooth muscle contraction and pain.

pure culture

a bacterial or fungal culture that contains a single organism


a sample, as of tissue, blood, or urine, used for analysis and diagnosis

tissue culture

the technique or process of keeping tissue alive and growing in a culture medium

transport medium

a medium used to keep an organism alive during transport to the lab


capable of living, developing, or germinating under favorable conditions

wet mount

a slide preparation in which a drop of liquid specimen or the like is covered with a cover slip and observed with a microscope

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