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IOT Staff


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Jim Herberger
Campus President
Kim Snow
Director of Education
Sarah Sanders
Executive Assistant
Jenika Swank & Cassie Stevenson
Sheryl Martini
Marketing Coordinator
Josh Vanderpool
Facilities Coordinator
Brandi Vanderpool
Director of Admissions
Skye Walsh
Assistant Director of Admissions
Megan Ide-Sandefur
Admissions Representative
Laura Swensen
Director of Financial Aid
Casandra Mims
Financial Aid Officer
Audrey Krueger
Student Accounts
Kim Swanson
Kate Hansen
Director of Student Services
Amber Powell
Director of Career Services
Mellisa Burton
Career Service Adviser
Lynn Swendiman
Externship Coordinator
Erin Andrade
Learning Resource Center Coordinator
Paul Garza
First instructor after ProDev?
Kim Swanson
Who can verify your attendance?
Kate Hansen
Who is in charge of your graduation?
Kate Hansen
Who do you see to purchase something in the student store?