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Superannuated (adj)

retired or disqualified because of age

Supercilious (adj)

arrogant; condescending

Supererogatory (adj)

supernumerary; superfluous

Supernumerary (n)

supererogatory; extra

Supine (adj)

lying on back

Supplant (v)

usurp; replace

Suppliant (adj)

beseeching; entreating

Supplicate (v)

petition humbly

Surfeit (v)

satiate; stuff

Sustain (v)

experience; support; nourish

Swarthy (adj)

dark; dusky

Swathe (v)

wrap-around; bandage

Swill (v)

drink greedily

Sybarite (n)

lover of luxury

Syllogism (n)

deceptive/ specious argument; logical formula consisting of a major and minor premise and conclusion

Sylvan (adj)

rustic; pertaining to the woods

Synthesis (v)

combing parts into whole

Tantamount (adj)

equivalent in effect or value

Taper (n)


Temerity (n)

boldness; rashness

Temporal (adj)

not lasting forever; wordly

Temporize (v)

act evasively to gain time; avoid committing oneself

Tendentious (adj)

having an aim, biased; designed to further a cause

Tender (v)

offer; extend

Tensile (adj)

capable of being stretched

Tepid (adj)


Tesselated (adj)

inlaid; mosaic

Testator (n)

maker of a will

Thrall (n)

slave; slavery

Tiller (n)

handle used to move boat's rudder

Titillate (v)


Titular (adj)

having the title of an office without the obligations

Toady (n)

servile flatterer

Tonsure (n)

shaving of the head, esp. by persons entering religious orders

Torrent (n)

rushing stream; flood

Torrid (adj)

passionate; hot or scorching

Torso (n)

trunk of statue with head and limbs missing

Touchstone (n)

stone used to test the fineness of gold alloys; criterion

Tout (v)

publicize; praise excessively

Tract (n)

pamphlet; a region of undefinite size

Traduce (v)

expose to slander

Transpire (v)

be revealed; happen

Transport (n)

strong emotion

Trappings (n)

outward decorations; ornaments

Travesty (n)

harshly distorted imitation; parody

Treatise (n)

article treating a subject systematically and thoroughly

Trenchant (adj)

forceful and vigorous; cutting

Tribulation (n)

distress; suffering

Tribunal (n)

court of justice

Tryst (n)

appointed meeting

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