Guns Germs and Steel: Conquest

About the video and why the Spanish were able to conquer the world

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the arrogance and superiority that the Incas felt about the Spanish
Advantage of Horses
Incas afraid of
can carry more food/equipment over greater distance
Gave the Spanish a Cavalry
The Largest Army in the World
168 vs 80,000
the number of conquistadors--168, that defeated the incas--80,000
7 centuries
the amount of time the Spanish had been at war, which prepared them for conquest
Distribution of Animals
gave the Europeans an advantage they were better feed and had more time to develop technology
The Incas never had seen a gun; the sound and smoke scared the Incas
Geography in Europe
gave an advantage to the Spanish. Same geography, climate in Europe allowed for Cultural diffusion
Geography in South America
was a disadvantage for the Incas made it difficult to spread technology and written language
Gold, Glory, and God
the motivation for the Europeans to leave and search and conquer the world
The Book by Cortez
gave Pissarro a "how to manual" on conquering native peoples
The Incan Written Language
they did not have one--this put them at a disadvantage--no sharing of technology, ideas, or written language by other civilizations
Pissarro Strategy
surprise attack against Atahualpa when the Incas were not armed
The Capture of Atahualpa
happened early in the fight and gave the Spanish the ability to end the war
Horses, Swords, and Strategy
proved decisive for the Spanish
The Spanish Weapon of Mass Destruction--WMD
Why didn't smallpox affect the Spanish
they had built up immunity from previous exposure
The Garrote
the method of slowly strangling your victim--this is how the Spanish killed Atahualpa
Domestic Animals
there were none in South/North America; this changed with the Columbian Exchange
Steel and Guns vs Bronze and Stone
weapons of the Spanish vs weapons of Incas
A Thesis Statement
a claim of what you intend to prove in an essay
The Introduction
the beginning of an essay that prepare the reader for the content and makes a claim that is proved in the following paragraphs
The Conclusion
the ending paragraph of an essay that restates the main points and summarizes the essay.