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a short programs written in Java code


added to tags specify additional preferences and
program a specific value


Main part of web page that is viewed in the browser window.


Separates content from
appearance and gives web authors more control over layout


identifies the
document as a web page.

External style sheet

used for numerous web pages that will make up a website

Font tags

by default, text appears as a standard 12 pt. black
font on a white background


identifies the head section of the web page and provides
information about the document, but not the document's content.


are displayed by using an <h> tag. There are only 6levels, <h1> being the largest and <h6> the smallest.


looks like a family tree or a chain of command

Home Page

Main page of a web site; usually the first page.

Host Computer

Computer that stores web page files and
sends them via the Internet, upon user request. Also known
as web server.


authoring language used to create files that can be viewed on the
Worldwide Web.


Define and describe text, graphics, hypertext
links, and other multimedia elements found on web pages.

Internal style sheet

used for individual pages containing large amounts of text.


scripting language used to create interactive web
pages with scrolling text, interactive quizzes and forms

Linear Web

Users view pages one at a timeb


Provide descriptive
information about the name of the document including the
keywords that will assist search engines in locating the web

Random Access

Allows users to jump
to any page on the web site

Splash page

Used to capture the user's attention for a short time.


use to plan thee web site and determine the web
site structure that will best suit the site

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