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same time every morning

when should SYNTHROID (ELTROXIN) / levothyroxine be taken?


a condition where TOO MUCH thyroid hormone is produced


a condition where TOO LITTLE thyroid hormone is produced

same manufacturers product

for thyroid medication, what should the technician try to dispence each time?


bone loss

take on an empty stomach and drink plenty of fluids

what are the aux labels for FOSAMAX / alendronate?

type I diabetes

a condition where the patient is insulin dependant

autoimmune disease

when the immune system attacks tissues of the body

immune system

the bodys defence system, fights infections and invasions of the body

non insulin dependant diabetes mellitus

what does NIDDM mean?

type II diabetes

a condition where the patients insulin is low or ineffective

insulin dependant diabetes mellitus

what does IDDM mean?


low blood sugar levels

blood glucose

blood sugar

alcohol, aspirin, decongestants

what 3 things can alter blood glucose levels?


high or elevated blood sugar levels


unopened vials of insulin should be stored where?


what is the strength of insulin?

sliding scale

insulin given in varying doses depending on the reading of the glucometer is what?

rolled in palm

insulin suspensions must be ______ __ ____ instead of shaken

sit up for 30 minutes

do this after taking FOSAMAX / alendronate

30 minutes before breakfast

take FOSAMAX / alendronate when?

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