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an illustration of land or other geographic political, or historical features
physical maps
emphasize the natural features of land and water
political maps
Show countries, their borders, and capital cities
historical map
a map that shows information about the past
a thing that rep. or stands for something else, esp. an object rep. something abstract.
explains list of symbols on a map
compass rose
A symbol that shows directions on a map
1. A straight-edged line marked and used to measure distances.
distance measured in degrees east or west from an imaginary line (called the prime meridian)
an imaginary line that circles the Earth at a particular distance north or south of the equator and that is parallel to the equator
an imaginary circle of the earth that is equally distant from the two poles and divides the surface into the northern and southern hemispheres
Prime Meridian
the meridian of 0 degrees longitude which runs through the original site of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, England, and from which other longitudes are measured
Cardinal Directions
the main directions on a map: north, south, east and west
Intermediate Directions
northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest
the largest landmass on the planet Earth
A street address, city, state, country, ets
Features and characteristics that give an area its own identity
Areas that are united by one or more common characteristics
Human / Environmental Interaction
How and why people change their surroundings
How people, ideas, and goods are shared.
The study of people, places, environment and how they interact with each other.
Relative Location
Costco is going to be directly north of Slim Chickens is an example of
Absolute Location
Bob lives at 3459 W. A street is an example of
Positive Human Environment Interaction
Students participating in a recycling program for their school.
Negative Human Environment Interaction
The removal of trees to build a new neighborhood.
Map Title
This tells what the map is about
map projection
The process of stretching and distorting a globe to make it flat
Mercator Projection
Which map projection is thought to be racist?
a map maker

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