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Almost outta dis!!!

Contemporary art

Art continues throughout time, most artists belong to multiple movements and still alive

Banksy (general)

British, identity unknown, never sold pieces, graffiti, native of Yate, South Gloucestershire

Bansky used?

Anarchism, spray paint and showed stencil mediums


"Naked man", "Charles Manson Hitchhiking Anywhere", "Maid", "Dove of Peace"

Bansky (Dorthy?)

"Stop and Search"

Liu Bolin (general)

36 years old from Shandong, China, camouflaged himself in his artwork

Liu Bolin

"Rubble", "Phonebooth", "Artillery" and "Grafitti"

Louise Bourgeois (general)

Well known for cells, spiders, and various drawings, books, sculptures

Louise Bourgeois's works inspired/ consisted of?

Cheating dad with nanny and unaccepting mom/erratic and nature

Louise Bourgeois

"Maman" and "Arch of Hysteria"

Louise Bourgeois (human bones)


Maya Lin (general)

Best known for sculpture and landscape art, lived around too many "whites" and didn't know she was Asian until later

When did Maya Lin have a interest of her cultural background?

30s years old

Maya Lin won what and how many did she compete against?

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1,420

Maya Lin

"Civil Rights Memorial", "2 X 4 Landscape" and "Vietnam Veterans Memorial"

Kerry James Marshall (general)

Known for large scale paintings and sculptures, inspired by African-American

Kerry James Marshall

"Could this be Love", "Better Homes and Gardens" and "Souvenir II"

Elizabeth Murray (general)

Printmaker, draughtsman, American, died of lung cancer (2007), works in Guggenhiem Museum (how you know your famous)

Elizabeth Murray

"Worm's Eye", "Stirring Still" and "Bop"

Gabriel Orozco (general)

Urban landscape and everyday objects twist notion of reality

Gabriel Orozco (pottery)

"Double Tail" and "My Hands are my Heart"

Gabriel Orozco (real skull)

"Black Kites"

Gabriel Orozco (soccer ball)

"Pinched Ball"

Walton Ford (general)

Known for large scale watercolors, Audubon's naturalist illustrations, meticulous watercolors, artwork in pieces (comment on looking as whole)

Walton Ford

"Falling Bough", "A Cabin boy to Barbary" and "Nila"

William Wegman (general)

Painted dogs (own Weimaraners) in various costumes and poses

William Wegman

"On Set", "Front and Facade", "Miss Mit" and "Cinderella with Glass Slipper

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