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English Unit 1 Creation Myths

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Before the earth was created the chief of the sky spirits was cold up in sky. He decided to use a rock to cut a whole in the sky and then pushed all the ice and snow down in the hole. The pile of ice and snow was so large that it created a big mound known today as Mount Shasta. The chief walked down the mountain/mound with his walking stick and pushed his finger into it. Wherever he placed his fingers, trees would grow. When he stepped, he melted the ice and the water flowed to form rivers. He took pieces of his walking stick and threw them into the river. They turned into beavers, fish, and otters. The leaves he blew in the river became fish. He took the big part of his stick and made the other animals. The biggest was the grizzly bear. They walked on two feet. The chief spirit sent them to live in the forest. Happy with the outcome of earth, the chief brought his family down to live there. the sky spirit chief carved and hole and the mountains became their home. he made a fire in the middle of the mountain. When big logs were placed in it, fire sparked and flew. The wind spirit blew a storm one symbols, patterns, or characters that repeat in literature across cultures and therefore, fond throughout the world and the sky spirit chief told his youngest daughter to go and ask him to blow softer. He told her to be careful and to not stick her head out at the top because this might cause her to blow away. She climbed to the top of the hole carefully then her curious mind got the best off her. She wanted to see what the ocean looked like so she poked her head and looked out the mountain. She got blown out by the wind spirit and was thrown down the outside of the ice and snow mound. She landed among trees and a grizzly found her. He brought her home and she was raised with the grizzly's family. She later married the oldest grizzly bear of the family and they had many children, that looked less hairy then normal grizzly bears but not completely like spirits. The grizzlies were so proud of these children that they made a lodge for them now called Little Mount Shasta. The mother grizzly bear that raised the chief sky spirit's daughter was about to die and thought she should ask for forgiveness from the chief sky spirit. She sent her oldest grandson to the top of the mountain to tell the chief sky spirit where is daughter was. He came down fast and so intensely that his tracks are still visible. He saw his children and got very mad. The grandmother grizzly died and he yelled and made it so that the grizzlies from then on would have to walk on four legs and not talk. He took his daughter back up and sent the grizzlies away. Some say he took his daughter back up into the sky. These grizzlies were the first ancestors of the Native Americans so Native Americans don't kill the grizzles.