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  1. Earnest (adj.)
  2. Cudgel (v.)
  3. Incarnadine (adj.)
  4. Ostentatious (adj.)
  5. Anon (adv.)
  1. a in a short time; soon
  2. b blood red; crimson
  3. c to beat; to strike
  4. d pretentious or conspicuous show in order to impress; intended to attract notice
  5. e serious in intention, purpose, or effort

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  1. not wasteful; prudently saving or sparing
  2. to repudiate; to renounce (usually under oath)
  3. to curse; to invoke evil upon
  4. to attack; to batter
  5. a prayer

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  1. Cog (v.)to cheat; to flatter; to wheedle


  2. Swain (n.)a beau; an admirer; a lover


  3. Enigmatical (adj.)not wasteful; prudently saving or sparing


  4. Cuckold (n.)the husband of an unfaithful wife


  5. Epitaph (n.)a brief poem or other writing in praise of a deceased person