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Matrimony Chapter

Sexual relations between a married person and one to whom he or she is not married. Adultery is opposed to the Sacrament of Matrimony, because it contradicts the equal dignity of man and woman and the unity and exclusivity of married love.
A declaration by an ecclesiastical court that a presumed marriage was never valid.
Artificial Birth Control
The use of mechanical, chemical, or medical procedures to prevent conception from taking place. This is a grave disorder against the openness to life required of marriage and the inner truth of conjugal love.
The situation in which unmarried individuals live together as husband and wife.
Conjugal Love
A total, faithful, exclusive, willing, and unitive love that is not only physical but also spiritual. As such, it desires children and is willing to suffer for the good of the other.
Generally used in reference to marriage, the act whereby a man and a woman give themselves to each other, either verbally or through other signs, for the purpose of establishing their union.
Consummated Marriage
A marriage in which the spouses have engaged together in the conjugal act that is apt for the generation of offspring.
A solemn promise or contract regarding future action binding on the participants and fortified by an oath, expressed either in words or in symbolic action.
A civil dissolution of marriage. A civil divorce does not free people before God (they are still bound in a valid marriage); thus, an attempted remarriage would be adultery. In addition, divorce introduces disorder into the family and into society. It brings grave harm to the spouses and the children
Domestic Church
An ancient expression for the family, recognizing the parents as the first heralds of the Faith to their children in both word and example.
The domestic church; a man and a woman united in marriage, together with their children; a community of faith, hope, and charity. Each member, in accord with his or her own role, exercises the baptismal priesthood and contributes toward making a community of grace and prayer, a school of human and Christian virtue, and the place where the Faith is first proclaimed to children.
Humanae Vitae
The Latin title of Pope Paul VI's encyclical meaning, "Of Human Life," reaffirming that the use of artificial birth control is intrinsically wrong. This document has sometimes been called prophetic for its accurate prediction of the decline in morality which would occur if the use of artificial birth control became widespread.
A barrier that arises out of a person's condition or something he has done preventing the valid reception of the Sacraments of Matrimony or Holy Orders.
The quality of an entity that cannot be divided into its constituent parts. This quality of the Sacrament of Matrimony means the union of marriage cannot by broken except by the death of a spouse.
Marriage Preparation Course
A course or series of conferences sponsored by the Church to assist engaged couples in preparing for sacramental marriage. It takes its name from the location of the wedding at which Our Lord performed his first miracle.
Matrimonial Consent
An act of the will by which a man and a woman, through an irrevocable covenant, mutually give and accept each other, declaring their willingness to accept children.
the sacrament by which a baptized man and a baptized woman, in accordance with God's design from the beginning, are joined in an intimate union of life and love, "so they are no longer two but one." (Mt 19:6). This union is ordered to the mutual benefit of the spouses and the procreation and education of children
Natural Family Planning
The practice of engaging in sexual intercourse based on the woman's natural cycles of fertility and infertility. Intended for use to postpone a new birth only for serious reasons, it can also be used to conceive.
Nuptial Mass
The liturgical service consisting of a special Mass and blessing at which a couple exchange marital consent.
Attempted marriage between more than two people (one man and one woman) at the same time. Polygamy refers to a man attempting marriage with more than one wife; polyandry refers to a woman attempting marriage with more than one husband. This is a sin against the unity of marriage and forbidden by the Sixth Commandment.
Premarital Sex
Also known as fornication, engaging in sexual intercourse outside the bond of marriage and condemned by St. Paul as a grave sin.
the formation of new life through a married couple's cooperation with God in response to their vocation.
the dimension of the marital act which expresses love and intimacy.
a solemn promise before God to perform some act or make a gift or sacrifice; a solemn engagement to devote oneself to religious life.
a person who gives testimony concerning something of which he has direct knowledge. Every Christian is called to be a witness of Jesus Christ.
Georges and Pauline Vanier
Husband and wife who both helped the French-Canadian side. Gave an example for Christians to follow. Lives were filled with heroic and loving actions that came from prayer.
The Couple
The vows
The Couple
Marriage as Exclusive
Excludes such a union with anyone else; demands total fidelity.
Marriage as Covenental
God created marriage to image and participate in His own covenant with his people. So, the love between spouses must be like the love of God; that is free, total, fruitful, and faithful.