STDP 215 (Nuts and Bolts)

Can you substitute hardware from one standard with another standard?
Always purchase parts from a _________ source
Aircraft parts must be _________
National Coarse
NC is also known as ________ ____
National Fine
NF is also known as American ________ ____
Unified Coarse
UNC is also known as American standard ________ ______
Unified Fine
UNF is also known as American standard ________ ____
Class 1 is a _____ (Free/Loose) fit
Class 2 is a _____ (Close/Free) fit
Class 3 is a _____ (Close/Medium) fit
Class 4 is a _____ (Close/Tight) fit
Class 5 is a _____ (Tight/Free) fit
When stresses combine it is called __________ stress
When installing a bolt, you have to ensure that the ____ length is correct
Hex Head
What bolt is this?
Tension, Shear
Hex head bolts take these two kinds of loads
Tension, Torsion, Compression, Shear are examples of what?
Hex Head
Which bolts can be made of cadmium plated nickel steel, aluminum, and corrosion resistant steel? (Hex Head/Eye/Clevis)
How many letters can you have before the dash number
on a Standard AN bolt?
Corrosion Resistant Steel
What does C stand for?
What does D or double D stand for?
Drilled Head
What does H stand for?
Air Force, Navy
AN stands for ___ _____ / ____ standards
National Aerospace
NAS stands for ___________ ___________ standards
MS stands for _________ standards
Clevis bolts are used only on ______ load applications
Right hand thread tightens down with a ________________ (clockwise/counter-clockwise) movement
Left hand thread tightens down with a ________________ (clockwise/counter-clockwise) movement
Cadmium Plated Nickel Steel
A star or cross on the head means that the bolt is made of what?
Corrosion Resistant Steel
A line on the head means that the bolt is made of what?
Two lines on the head of a bolt means it's made of what?
No hole
An A at the end means what about a bolt?
3/8, 7/8
Referring to "AN6-7", what measurement is 6 and what is 7? (simplify the fractions)
Up, Forward
Where should a bolt be facing when installed? (Hint: two directions)
How many washers can be used?
What is the washer touching the surface of the material the bolt is being bolted onto for?
1 to 3
How many threads are allowed to show out of a nut?
How many threads are allowed to show inside the material?
What kind of bolt is used when freedom of movement is necessary?
Eye Bolt
This bolt is used for external tension loads
Eye Bolt
This bolt is designed for attachment of devices like the fork of a turnbuckle and a cable shackle.
Shear Nut
What is a clevis bolt secured with? (Hint: Uses the same word as what load a clevis bolt can take)
Clevis Pin
This pin is for shear loads only
Close Tolerance
What does a triangle mark on the head of a bolt mean?
Close Tolerance Bolt
This bolt is used in areas where it is subject to pounding loads and where structure is required to be riveted and bolted
Fine, 3
Aircraft Bolts are usually ____ threaded in a class ___ fit
Direction Of Rotation
For helicopters, bolt heads are installed in the __________ _____ ___________
2 basic types of _____ are self locking and non self locking
Nuts can be made of D/DD, C, (-), and B. What is B?
What is the castle nut you need to remember?
What class fit is AN310?
Wing Nut
What is this nut?
Wing Nut
What nut is used when frequent installation and removal is needed?
Engine Nut
AN355 and AN360 are what kind of nut designed for use on engines and not on airframes?
Self Locking
Low temperature and high temperature are examples of what kind of nut?
Low temperature nuts can be used for up to how many degrees fahrenheit?
Nylon, Fiber
What materials are used for low temperature nuts? (Hint: There's two)
Anchor Nuts
What kind of nuts are used for areas with no access? (Hint: held in place by rivets or clips)
Tinnerman Nuts
These nuts are economical and lightweight, are for self tapping screws and non-structural installations.
These nuts are commonly available with flat heads and with 100 degree countersunk heads
How is corrosion resistant steel designated?
Class 3
Non self-locking nuts are usually what type of fit?
How is a wing nut safetied normally?
Where can you not use engine nuts?

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