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Vol 2 Unit 2

Self test questions 208-212

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When apprehending suspects, what guidelines should you use to apply the appropriate level of force?
Training, experience and the UFM
What principles must you use when exercising discretion?
Fariness and reasonableness.
What do security forces members normally base apprehensions on?
Probable Cause
After apprehending a suspect, what should you do if you realize they may be injured?
Immediately seek medical attention
What is the ultimate goal of pressure point control tactics?
Gain control of the suspect to effect an apprehension.
List the steps used to apply the two directions of pressure technique?
Step 1. After placing the suspect in an IKKYO grip, twist the right/left hand in a clockwise/counterclockwise directions until the elbow is facing straight up. Simultaneously pivot on the ball of your weak foot and step back with your strong foot so your feet align with the suspect's and spread your feet one-shoulder width apart.
Step 2. Place your weak hand directly on top of the suspect's right elbow and push the suspect's hand inward with your strong hand.
Step 3. Apply downward pressure to the elbow with your weak hand, rotating the elbow joint rearward while pushing inward on the suspect's hand. The suspect's arm should be at waist level and the fingers up.
What do you use in the prone arm bar position to get the suspect to place his/her hand in the small of their back?
Pain compliance
When overcoming the front chokehold, what area do you strike to force the suspect to remove his or her hands?
The Face
Why is the expandable baton a unique weapon for law enforcement personnel?
When drawn, it is an emotional and physical deterrent to aggression.
What is the ultimate goal when using the baton?
To gain suspect compliance and to effect an apprehension.
What are the three principle target areas for the baton?
Areas surrounding the arms, legs (thigh), and knee where the nerve motor points run through the body.
What are the four basic baton-handling components?
Wide base, deep base, combination wide and deep base, and head over center
What is the procedure for handling individuals you have struck with the baton?
Calm the individual through verbal directions. De-escalate to the appropriate level based on the actions. Transport any subject to a medical facility for attention by health care professionals as soon as practical. Transport the subject to the detention facility once medical professionals clear the suspect. Advise receiving security forces at the detention facility that the subject was struck with a baton and where.
What should comprehensive training on using OC pepper spray include?
It should go beyond the technical application to include physiological reactions, legal issues (use of force, guidelines), tactical issues, and applications.
What reaction should be expected when OC is applied to the face?
Swelling of the mucous membranes, involuntary closing of the eyes, gagging, coughing, shortness of breath, and an intense burning feeling on exposed skin.
How long do the effects of pepper spray normally last?
Symptoms are temporary, but may last up to 45 minutes when left untreated.
Where do you direct pepper spray bursts?
The suspect's facial area (e.g., eyes, nose, and mouth)
What signs would the suspect show that cause you to contact emergency personnel immediately?
Complains of a previous respiratory condition, loss of consciousness, stops breathing, suddenly becomes incoherent, begins to hyperventilate, shows any signs of sickness, and continues to have adverse effects from the OC beyond three hours.
What does comprehensive TASER training include?
Beyond the technical application to include physiological reactions, legal issues, tactical issues and applications.
Why would OCONUS MAJCOMs and deployed units in overseas areas coordinate with the local SJA before using approved electronic control devices?
To ensure their use does not violate any Status of Forces Agreement or international laws.
What is the furthest range of M26/X26 cartridges will SF members only use?
25 feet
Why are SF users and instructors highly encouraged to receive the exposure at least once in their career?
To better understand the effects of the incapacitation of electronic control devices.
When may you use the TASER?
In lieu of pepper spray, just prior to using pepper spray, or following the use of pepper spray if the spray is ineffective at incapacitating the subject.
How and where is the TASER worn?
In a support side carry position and on the opposite side of the body as the firearm.