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John Montgomery Ward
Announced the resevre clause
Wee Willer Keeler
Had a hit in 44 consecutive games
John McGraw
3rd basemen for Baltimore
Formation of YMCA
Developed in 1851; provided space for gender and religion
Muscular Christianity
Men who worked hard and did physical activities
Put in by many colleges and used for exercising
Henry Chadwick
Most influential baseball journalists; 1. Box score 2. Baseball columns 3. Comparative statistics 4. Players manual
Asian Americans
Boxing, cycling, baseball
Prize fighting
Not many rules and people bet on fighters
Harvard and physical education
First school to incorporate physical education
Native American Archery
Very skilled in archery, taught new settlers how to be elite archery
Allowed women to play a sport that women could stay feminine and became recreational in 1860
Focal Point of Modern Sport
Community and staying in shape
Candy Cummings
Invented the curveball
Harry Wright
Assembled the first professional baseball team
Made travel for players and fans easier and cities had stadiums built close to them
Rowing and yachting
For upper and middle class, had regattas to prove who was the best
Bachelor subculture enjoyed this "blood fight"
Harness racing
For the middle class mostly, upper class was more thoroughbred
Cy Young
Most wins in all of baseball
Roger Connor
Had hit 138 home runs in his whole career
King Kelly
Most notorious player of the 19th century, drank himself to death
Thoroughbred racing
Higher class level of horse racing
Made sport and exercise easier for women
Most prominent sport in Native American culture
Catherine Beecher
Introduced calisthenics
Cap Anson
27 years, first to get 3,000 hits in his career, created spring training
Moses Walker
First black player to play in the majors
First sport to have inter-gender competition
Horseback riding
Slave sports
Boxing, red rover, swimming, trained as jockeys
Religion and New England sports
Believed that sport went against God and biblical teaching
Walter Camp
Created the rules of football
AG Spalding
Made baseball into an industry by selling balls and bats
First intercollegiate sport
Wee Wille Keeler
Reserve clause
Made it so that a player can only play for one team at a time
Abner Doubleday
Wrote the rules of baseball, wasn't in Cooperstown that day
Alexander Cartwright
Changed the game forever
Sam Crawford
From Wahoo, NE
Six characteristics of modern sport
Organization, rules, competition, role diffraction, public information, stats and records