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How was your ____________ to New York. = time you are traveling or spend in a place
Bay Area
The __________ is very big and has many cities like San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, etc. (2 words)
You need your _______ if you go to another country.
He came to the U.S. on a tourist ________. = permission to go to another country
check in
You need to ________ at the airport 90 minutes before your flight leaves. (2 words) = tell people you are there
check out
We have __________ of the hotel by 11am. = leave a hotel with all of your things
We ________ at a hotel. = live/sleep in a place for some days or weeks
When he was traveling, he like to ________ and meet new people. = get free ride in a car by standing on the side of the road with your thumb out
What time do we _________ the plane? = get on
The flight _________ at 1pm. = leaves
My plane _______ at 6pm. = get to a place
airport immigration
When you enter a foreign country, you have to go through _________. = the place where you show your passport at the airport, etc.
They opened his bags at __________. = the place where people check your bags in an airport, etc when you go to another country
We flew to London, but there was a ________ in New York. = when you fly to one city have to stop in another city on your way
package tour
They went on a __________ to China. (2 words) = one price for a vacation including flights, hotel, food, etc
We need to ________ a flight to New York. = buy tickets for a flight
We made a ___________ for 2 nights at the hotel. = when you contact a hotel, restaurant, airline to save you a place
They did a lot of __________ in New York. = to go to famous places in a city
They took the ________ to Tokyo. = a train that goes fast because it makes very few or no stops
They waited on the __________ for the train. = place in a station where the passengers wait to get on a train
got on
They ________ the bus after school. (2 words) = go in a bus, train, elevator, motorcycle, etc.
get off
They _________ the bus near their house. (2 words) = move from a bus, train, elevator, motorcycle, etc
The ________ for the BART is pretty expensive. = money you pay to ride a train, bus, taxi, etc.
entrance fee
How much is the __________ for the museum? = (2 words) the money you need to pay to go into a place
We got a __________ to Los Angeles. = a ticket to a place but not coming back
She got a ___________ ticket from San Francisco to New York. = a ticket to a place and coming back
How was your __________? = the time you spent in the airplane
My flight was ___________. = when people say that a plan will not happen
He has a lot of __________. = bags that you take when you travel
He had to pay extra money to _________ his bags. = when an airline takes your bags and puts them in the bottom part of the plane
carry on
He put his computer in his ___________ bag. (2 words) = a small bag that you can bring onto an airplane with you
baggage claim
He looked for his bag at the __________ area.(2 words) = the place where you get your checked bags.
seat belt
You have to wear a __________ when you are in a car or a plane. = a strap that you put on so that you do not move if there is an accident
There was a car ___________ this morning. = when a car hits another car or something else; also for bicycle, train, etc.
There were many ____________ on the plane. = people who are traveling on a train, plane, bus, etc
My flight was __________. = moved to a later time
overhead compartment
He put his bag in the _____________. (2 words) = the area above a seat on a plane where you can put things
got lost
He had map but he __________ and he had to ask people how to get to the hotel. (2 words) = when you don't know where you are
The street was very ___________. = has many people
She likes to ___________ different parts of cities when she travels. = to go around an area to see it and learn about it.
There are a lot of ________ in San Francisco. = people who travel to a place to see it
He bought some _________ to take to family. = little things that people buy from a famous place. Ex. t-shirts, cups, local crafts, etc.
He always _________ at the last minute. = put your clothes and things in your bag when you travel.
Washington D.C. has many famous ____________. = buildings or statues that are built to remind people of an important event or famous person
They went many __________ in New York. = places that people visit to see objects, art, things from history, etc.
They stayed a ____________ near the beach. = a vacation hotel that has things like swimming pools, tennis courts, a golf course, restaurants, etc.
They went on a two-week __________ to Hawaii. = a time to travel and relax with no work (British English = a holiday)
ancient ruins
They visited some ___________. (2 words) = very old buildings that are broken or in bad shape
They went on a _________ of London. = when somebody takes you around a place and tells you about it.
They stayed at a ___________ hotel. = a very expensive and nice place
bed and breakfast
They stayed at a ___________ hotel. (3 words) = a small hotel that looks like person's house and which gives food in the morning
youth hostel
They stayed at a __________ in San Francisco. (2 words) = a cheap hotel for young people with shared rooms and shared bathrooms
She usually travels _________. = with very few things
off the beaten track
He likes to go place that are __________. (4-word idiom) = places that most tourists do not go to; places that are far away from normal tourist spots
I have to ________ my friend to the airport. = drive a person to a place
pick up
She has to _________ her parents from the airport. = drive to the airport to get somebody
They took a _________ from San Francisco to Oakland. = a large boat that takes people and cars across a river, bay, etc.
They like to __________ around the neighborhoods of San Francisco. = walk around with no special place you want to go; just looking
sense of direction
She has a very good ___________. (3-word idiom) = knowing where you are and not getting lost.
We finally __________ our hotel. = past tense of find
look for
Excuse me, I'm __________ a good restaurant around here. (2 words) = trying to find
She is really nervous because she _________ her passport. = can't find something; past tense of lose
We need to __________ money because we only have dollars and need Euros. = give one thing and get another thing
jet lag
We were really tired after we got to America because we had ____________. (2 words) = when you are very tired after traveling far because there is a time difference. Ex. New York is 3 hours ahead of California.
They bought a __________ for their trip to New York. = a book that has a lot of information for tourists about a place
The plane ________ at 10, but we had to wait for 20 minutes before we could get off. = when the place touches the ground at the end of a flight
took off
Our flight _________ at 8. = when the plane leaves the ground
tourist spots
There are a lot of _________ in San Francisco. (2 words) = places that people who are traveling go to for fun
amusement park
Disneyland is a very famous ___________. = (2 words) a place with rides and games, especially for kids.
They took the _________ everywhere in New York. = an underground train in cities.

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