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Marketing Final

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To handle products in the decline stage of the product life cycle.. companies often use either a __________ or a __________ strategy.
divesting; harvesting
Which term describes factors that affect price.. including newness of the product.. whether it is part of a product line.. and cost of changing a price?
pricing constraints
Abby is the manager of a pet supply store and is ordering Crazy Cat kitten litter from her usual wholesaler.. who uses a 40% markup. After Abby adds her 50% markup.. the retail price of a 1-lbag of Crazy Cat kitten litter is $18. What price does the manufacturer charge the wholesaler for a 1-lbag of litter?
At tendollars.com they offers thousands of gifts.. all priced at ten dollars. This is an example of two pricing methods working in tandem. Most likely.. the firm uses a __________ and a _________ strategy.
one-price policy; below market pricing
setting prices a few dollars or cents under an even number.
odd-even pricing
Which process determines whether total revenue from the sale of an additional unit of product exceeds the cost of producing and marketing that unit?
marginal analysis
the money or other considerations (including other products and services) exchanged for the ownership or use of a product or service
Yield management pricing is most consistent with services trying to deal with
capacity management.
the practice of replacing promotional allowances with lower manufacturer list prices.
everyday low pricing
Barney's Bean Bags manufactures bean bag chairs that are used in local libraries and children's centers. Barney's just built a new manufacturing facility at a cost of $500..000. Barney's Bean Bags has annual fixed costs of $27..000. Unit variable cost for a bean bag chair is $20.00. If Barney's wishes to achieve a target ROI of 10% on its first year production of 1..000 chairs.. what should the price of a bean bag chair be?
AT&T is introducing one of its newest cellular phones.. the Black-Jack II.. to the Florida market. The phone costs AT&T only $45 to manufacture.. but AT&T wishes to have a mark-up of 70% on this product. Using Mark-Up Pricing.. how much money should AT&T charge consumers for its new Black-Jack II?
The two general methods for quoting prices related to transportation costs are FOB origin pricing and _________.
uniform delivered pricing
Sam Manilla owns a plant that produces canned chicken. Sam is unsure of how much to charge the distributor of his canned chicken product. The retail markup is 40% and the distributor markup is 20%. Using chain markup pricing.. if the retail price is $6 for each can of chicken.. how much should Sam Manilla charge the distributor per can?
Figure 14-2A above shows a demand curve that slopes downward and to the right.. then turns back to the left. Which pricing approach does Figure 14-2A depict?
prestige pricing
If a firm wished to set its price at a level that would maximize its profit.. what condition must hold?
target ROI > 20%
Rod N' Reel Fishing Pole Company has an idea for a new line of fishing poles that are sleeker and more durable. Before they start production.. they plan to use target return on investment pricing to see whether they should invest in the new product. They are willing to invest $120..000 and desire a return on investment of 20%. Their total fixed costs are $200..000 and unit variable cost is $17.50. They expect to make 20..000 units. What is their Target ROI price?
the successive price cutting by competitors to increase or maintain their unit sales or market share.
price war
The ratio of perceived benefits to price is referred to as
Rachel is the owner and operator of a luxurious spa resort in Cozumel.. Mexico. One of her duties is to set prices based on weekly demand for rooms at the resort. Rachel expects high demand for her rooms during the last few weeks of summer vacation. Due to this demand.. she thinks the resort will be at 90% occupancy. If her total fixed costs are $100..000; unit variable costs are $100; and the hotel has 200 rooms.. what price should Rachel charge per room just to break even?
At the moment.. there is a new brand of toothbrush.. Toothberry.. competing for market share. The market leader.. iBrush.. is priced at $2.50 and Toothberry is using the critical strategic pricing ratio to try to calculate what its "parity" price should be. The data below show the results of a survey of the toothbrush target market. What should Toothberry charge?
Brand Ratings
iBrush Toothberry Importance
Bristle Softness 7 8 7
Reach 8 7 8
Comfort 6 8 6
Attractiveness 7 9 5
According to the text.. services can be classified in three ways -- according to whether they are profit or nonprofit.. whether they are government sponsored.. and whether they are
delivered by people or equipment.
Amanda recently bought a five-bedroom beach house in Santa Cruz.. CA.. and is hoping to rent it out. After analyzing all of her expenses.. Amanda concludes that her total fixed costs equal $2..500 per month and she has a monthly variable cost of $75 per room. What should Amanda charge per room per month in order to break even (assuming 100% occupancy)?
A method of pricing where the price the seller quotes includes only the cost of loading the product onto the vehicle for transporting to the buyer and specifies the name of the location where the loading is to occur is referred to as
FOB origin pricing.
Nina's Necessities buys packs of toilet paper from its wholesaler for $0.89 each. The store uses a markup of 58%. According to the Markup Pricing Model.. for what retail price should packs of toilet paper be sold in the store?
The point at which total revenue and total cost are equal is referred to as
break-even point.
While pricing objectives reflect corporate goals.. pricing constraints often relate to
conditions existing in the marketplace.
deliberately selling a product below its customary price.. not to increase sales.. but to attract customers' attention in hopes that they will buy other products as well.
loss-leader pricing
Mary owns a small kiosk where she sells hip bandanas. She sells the bandanas for $12 each. Mary uses a markup of 30%.. and she buys the bandanas from a distributor. The distributor uses a 65% markup and buys the bandanas directly from the bandana company. What price does the bandana company charge the distributor for each bandana?
Kristin's Cookie Cakes wants to make a 20% return on its $75..000 investment in new cooking technology. It has fixed costs of $30..000 and unit variable costs of $2. Kristin plans on selling 5..000 cakes. How much should she charge per cookie cake?
The practice of exchanging products and services for other products and services rather than for money is referred to as __________.
The practice of charging a very low price for a product with the intent of driving competitors out of business is referred to as
predatory pricing.
The prices for all furniture sold at Urban's Furniture Warehouse end in $9.. such as $599.. $899.. etc. Urban's Furniture Warehouse uses
odd-even pricing.
The retail price of DVD players has decreased from $900 to less than $100 over the past few years. This is due in large part to
Experience curve pricing
Which of the following is NOT one of the six major pricing objectives discussed in the text?
Unit volume
Market share
break even
Different brands within a company's product line generally have different profit margins; higher price lines have higher profit margins. For example.. Nike Variety tennis shoes have variable costs of $6 and sell for $24.. whereas Nike Wimbledon tennis shoes have variable costs of $10 and sell for $48. It is most likely true that Nike is using a _________ pricing strategy
Rather than billing clients by the hour.. some lawyers and their clients agree on a fixed fee based on expected costs plus a profit for the law firm. Which pricing method are they using?
Cost-plus pricing
As stated in class.. "The purpose of price is not to recover _____ but to capture _____ in the consumer's mind."
cost; the value of the product
Attorneys' fees.. park entrance fees.. train fares and organization dues are all
Synonyms for price
Maddy Baker is the owner of Maude's Cookie Shop.. a new bakery that makes giant.. pizza-sized gingerbread cookies. The variable cost per gingerbread cookie is $13.20. In addition.. Maddy has monthly fixed costs of $4500 and hopes to make a profit of $2750 per month. Using target profit pricing.. what price should Maddy charge per cookie assuming she sells 750 cookies a month (please round to the nearest dollar)?
A box of dishwasher detergent shrink-wrapped with a bottle of Jet Dry for 10 cents more than the regular price of the dishwasher detergent is an example of __________ pricing.
Other things equal.. if a firm finds the demand for its product is inelastic.. it can increase its total revenues by
Raising its price
Tara's university charges $6000 a year in tuition; it was recently ranked #20 in quality of education by U.S. News and World Report. Emily goes to a different school that charges $30..000 a year in tuition and was ranked #15 by the same magazine. Based on these results.. we can infer that Tara:
Is getting more value than Emily
Ani.. Anna.. and Aimee went to Mexico for Spring Break. The best friends loved shopping in the markets because.. unlike shopping at malls in America.. they could bargain with the merchants in Mexico. The girls came home with dresses that had 25-peso price tags.. but they actually haggled down the prices to 17 pesos. This type of pricing is called:
Participative Pricing
Old Navy has new tank tops for summer and is trying to decide how to price them. They notice that American Eagle has similar tops for $10.00. Based on some consumer research.. Old Navy knows how its tops compare to American Eagle's tops (see table below) and decides to establish a parity price. What should the price be? (All measures are on 10-point scales.)

Old Navy AE Importance
Fit 6 6 9
Colors 6 8 7
Style 9 5 7
Quality 7 8 4
Lili just opened a brand new clothing store in Gainesville called The Shop. She bought a new line of dresses from a wholesaler that charges 30% markup. If Lili sets the retail price on the dresses at $400.. and she charges a 50% markup.. what price does the manufacturer charge the wholesaler?
Katie had been eyeing a dress for graduation in her favorite boutique's window for the past month. She couldn't wait to go buy it after she received her paycheck this week. On Friday afternoon she went into the store to purchase the dress. When she looked at the price tag she nearly fainted. She had imagined the price of the dress to be about half of what it actually was. Katie was experiencing a classic case of sticker shock.. due to the difference between the actual price of the dress and her:
Internal Reference Price
The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. recently introduced a new flavor of Orbit brand sugar free chewing gum—mint mojito. The introductory price was low so that it would create loyal customers for the flavor quickly. In this example Wrigley is using
Penetration pricing
Four types of price discounts are
Seasonal.. trade (functional).. cash and quantity
Mike's Bikes is the newest bike shop in town. It costs $75 for him to buy a Speedster 500 bicycle from the manufacturer. As a pricing strategy.. he uses a 40% markup for everything in his store. What is Mike's selling price for the Speedster500?
Link.. is a small company that makes materials for safely controlling hazardous spills of all kinds. It sells these items as a neutralizing kit that priced at $120 each. (There is no quantity discount.) The costs of the materials that go into each kit are $45. It costs $5 in labor to assemble a kit. The company has monthly expenses of $1..000 for rent and insurance.. $200 for heat and electricity.. $500 for advertising in trade journals and $3..500 for the monthly salary of its owner. Link.. Inc.'s marginal revenue per unit is
A form of retail ownership that involves multiple outlets under common ownership is referred to as a(n).
corporate chain
Hostess is planning on extending their marketing of Twinkies and other treats to other parts of the world. They decide to use the same marketing plan that is being used in the United States. Everyone loves a delicious Twinkie, so consumers should respond the same to a Twinkies ad no matter where they live in the world. Hostess is using which standardization model described in class?
Pure Standardization
Olivia likes the convenience of ordering food to be delivered using the Seamless App on her smartphone. With her address and payment information saved on the app, Olivia can have her Bento order placed within seconds. Olivia's use of the Seamless app is an example of which concept?
ASOS.com is an online-only fashion retailer that started in the UK. They plan to build physical stores in the future. They enjoy huge profits compared to other retailers because they have a reputation for strong social media presence and for product variety. In a S.W.O.T. analysis, ASOS' strong social media presence and product variety are _____.
The local Abercrombie and Fitch was trying to figure out their stockturn rate for 2011. A&F's beginning inventory was $1,800 and ending inventory was $2,100. The cost of goods sold was $120,000. What was A&F's stockturn rate?
61.54 turns per year
The online consumer who researches products online and then purchases them at a retail store is referred to as a __________ shopper.
Tim's Teak Tables makes tables for furniture stores across the U.S. Tim is trying to decide how much he needs to charge his distributors who sell his tables to retailers. Tim estimates that the retail price for one of his teak tables should be $300, assuming a retail markup of 50%. The distributor markup is 15%. What should Tim charge his distributors?
Stephanie is opening a deli and is trying to figure out what price she should charge for giant dill pickles. She buys dill pickles from her supplier at $12.00 per dozen. Stephanie uses a markup of 60% on everything she sells. What is her price per pickle?
Pear AppleCore Importance
Design 8 8 8
Weight 9 7 9
Storage Space 7 7 5
Processor Speed 7 8 7

Pear, Inc. is a new technology company that is about to release its first product -- the thinnest, lightest tablet device yet. AppleCore, the market leader, has set its price at $400. If Pear, Inc. decides to price its tablet using Value-based pricing, what is its parity price (rounded)?
The North American Free Trade Agreement was designed to encourage free trade between
the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
a technique that helps a firm search for growth opportunities from among current and new markets as well as current and new products.
diversification analysis
Cookie Monster currently has cookie sales of $10,000,000 each year. Assuming that their gross margin is $2,000,000, and that total industry sales are $40,000,000, how much would Cookie Monster be able to spend in additional marketing effort in order to expand its market share by three points and still break even?
Go to any Publix supermarket and walk down the cereal aisle. You will notice that four major brands—Kellogg's, Quaker, General Mills, and Post—occupy virtually all the shelf space. These cereals are all priced about the same. There is a good deal of product differentiation as the result of licensing agreements with movie studios (Disney, DreamWorks, etc.) and through the use of different health claims. The cereal industry is an example of what type of competitive market?
an oligopoly
Kacy, a Gator fanatic, has always had a dream to open a store that sells Gator jewelry. She has calculated that the rent will cost her about $1,500 per month and staff salaries will be about $2,000 per month. The variable cost per piece will come out to $10.00. She estimates that she will sell 350 pieces a month. If she sells all of her pieces each month and she wishes to earn a profit of $3,000 per month, what price should she charge for each piece of jewelry?
Chuck's Chinese Cuisine has opened up 5 new restaurants since 2011. According to the chart below, what is the difference between Chuck's overall sales growth and Chuck's same-store sales growth?
June 2011 June 2012
Total # of restaurants 20 25
Total net sales $10mil $15mil
# of new restaurants 4 5
Net sales new rest. $2mil $3mil
L'Oreal wants to release a new shampoo scent to increase its market share in the hair care industry. Below are sales revenue data for each brand. Total industry sales for the past three years have been $131 million in 2010, $137 million in 2011, and $143 million this year.
Brand 2012 Sales
L'Oreal $38,000,000
Pantene $21,000,000
TRESemme $18,000,000
Herbal Essences $13,000,000
Nivea $8,000,000
All Others $45,000,000
In the BCG Matrix, L'Oreal is a _____, with a relative market share of _____.
Cash cow; 1.81
The application of modern measurement technologies to understand, quantify, and optimize marketing spending is referred to as __________.
marketing ROI (return on investment)
Sam's Club is a large warehouse store that carries a variety of products. Many of their products are sold in larger quantities than would be found in supermarkets and at a lower unit cost. What value adding retail function does Sam's Club not incorporate into its retail strategy to the same degree supermarkets do?
Breaking Bulk
Forever 21 is trying to increase its customer base by changing its retail store strategy. The stores will have a big fashion show once every quarter, showing off all the new styles, offering complimentary food and drinks, and basically hosting a big party, all while customers can still shop for clothes. What retail concept is Forever 21 using?
When Kroger, a national supermarket chain, uses a one-time, special weekend promotion to price a six-pack of soda at $2.09 (which is below its customary price level), it is attempting to
attract customers in hopes they will buy other products as well.
Firehouse Subs currently holds 40% of the market share of sandwich shops in Gainesville. (Assume they also have 40% share of voice.) If they want to expand to 55% market share, they must increase their share of voice by:
Suppose you are designing a transactional website and you would like it to be as user-friendly as possible. In particular, you do not want repeat customers to have to enter their address, e-mail, telephone number, and credit card data every time they make an online purchase. Rather, you would like your website to recognize each customer by name every time he or she visits the website and to retrieve all the information about that customer automatically whenever he or she wishes to make a purchase. To achieve this goal, you would most likely use __________.
Starbucks is looking to expand into India, but first must conduct market research to make sure they will be successful there. The marketing director is currently working on the pricing strategy, and must take several factors into consideration. He has heard that India has a higher import duty on coffee beans, so he is looking into that issue further, as it would affect his cost of goods. What international environmental sector is he examining?
Legal/Regulatory Sector
A retail management approach in which a manager is assigned the responsibility for selecting all products that consumers might view as substitutes for each other, with the objective of maximizing sales and profits for that group of products is referred to as __________.
category management
The actions taken during the evaluation phase of the strategic marketing process include: (1) __________ and (2) correct negative deviations and exploit positive ones.
compare results with plans to identify deviations
When you view a selection at Amazon.com and see "Customers who bought this (item) also bought ", you are seeing the application of __________.
collaborative filtering
Taylor's technology company is aimed at producing the maximum amount of computers per day and maintaining a high quality reputation. During the holiday season, many employees work overtime in order to meet the high demand for computers. As a result of these long, strenuous hours, many of the computers are not meeting Taylor's high quality standards. This problem is mainly due to which of the 7 Habits?
Failure to Sharpen the Saw
a conspiracy among firms to set prices for a product.
price fixing
Jordyn sells a variety of household products for a small group of producers. She sells to discount stores and convenience stores in the Central Florida region. One of the products she sells is 3M Command Adhesives. When a store agrees to order a shipment of Command Adhesives, Jordyn places the order with 3M on behalf of the customer. The nearest 3M warehouse will then package the order and ship it to the customer. Jordyn's position can most accurately be described as a:
Manufacturers Representative
The oldest retail setting, usually located in the community's downtown area, is referred to as
central business district.
The law that makes it a crime for U.S. corporations to bribe an official of a foreign government or political party to obtain or retain business in a foreign country is referred to as the
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
HDK Electronics has developed a new music listening device called the MP5. Instead of manufacturing and shipping the new device to China, they enter into a contract with a Chinese electronics company wherein HDK agrees to allow the Chinese firm to use its technology and brand name in exchange for royalty payments. The Chinese firm will finance all the production, distribution, and marketing in China. What global marketing strategy is HDK Electronics using?
Ronny's Cupcakes is a well-known bakery on the Jersey Shore that serves hundreds of customers a day. "Baking the tastiest and most scrumptious cupcakes in all of Jersey" is Ronny's Cupcakes':
corporate mission
Casey loves cats. For this reason Casey decides to open a cat emporium called MEOW! This store will sell everything from balls of yarn to scratching posts to little computers to watch MAR 3023 lectures on. Casey realizes that such a niche market is limited, so she decides to add a small section for dogs as well. Since she doesn't know anything about dog preferences, Casey decides to let her dog-goods supplier stock that area of the store. Casey is using which type of inventory management for her dog section?
Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)
managers who have the authority and responsibility to issue orders to people who report to them.
line positions
the successive price cutting by competitors to increase or maintain their unit sales or market share.
price war
Setting a high price so that quality- or status-conscious consumers will be attracted to the product and buy it is referred to as
prestige pricing.
Go Gators! is a small company that makes Seminole Stomping kits priced at $120. The costs of the materials that go into each kit are $45. It costs $5 in labor to assemble a kit. The company has monthly expenses of $1,000 for rent and insurance, $200 for heat and electricity, $500 for advertising, and $4,500 for the monthly salary of its owner. Go Gators! unit variable cost for its kits is
Stefano loves his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Unfortunately for Stefano, none of his friends share the same love for Harley-Davidson or motorcycles in general. One day Stefano finds the "Harley Owners Group" website. Stefano eagerly joins and meets many new online friends with whom he can talk about Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The Harley Owners Group website most accurately fits the description of which use of the Internet?
Virtual Communities
According to the text, all of the following are examples of pricing constraints EXCEPT:
demand for the product class, product, or brand.
newness of the product (stage in its life cycle).
competitors' prices.
social responsibility
cost of producing the product.
social responsibility
General Electric is looking to extend their business and sell refrigerators in India. After conducting some research on habits and behaviors in India, they discover that consumers place their refrigerators in different parts of the home (unlike the U.S. where consumers place their refrigerators in their kitchens). With this in mind, GE decides to market a variety of colors of refrigerators to satisfy the needs and wants of the consumers in India. Which type of global marketing approach is this?
Multinational Marketing
the largest, but poorest, socioeconomic group of people in the world.
bottom of the pyramid
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney need to improve implementation at their small boutique called DASH. They want to switch to a commission based pay plan for their employees to help increase sales. On top of commission, the top seller for the month will receive a free trip to a place of their choice! What are the three sisters doing to improve implementation at DASH?
Reward Performance
Shoes R Us, a retail outlet, offers shoes for men, women, and children in many sizes and foot widths. It offers running, cross training, walking, golf, and other types of shoes. This an example of the __________ that Shoes R Us offers to its customers.
depth of product line
A __________ is essentially a sequence of linked suppliers and customers in which every customer is, in turn, a supplier to another customer until a finished product reaches the final consumer.
supply chain
Shelby is currently having problems with her bakery. She has recently mapped out an entire new strategy for both her baking process and her marketing to try to make her company more profitable. However, her employees are not abiding by her new guidelines and therefore her company is still failing. This situation is a result of:
Implementation Failure
Billy is an economist studying the effect of E-Commerce on the retailing industry. His major concern is that retailers will be hurt because consumers can now easily buy directly from manufacturers. He also believes price competition will _____ because of a(n) _____ in search cost with the availability of search engines like Google.
Increase, decrease
Fossil, an American manufacturer of clothing and accessories, has been particularly successful in developing a licensed watch line with popular designer Michael Kors. This licensing agreement added a new segment of contemporary fashion watches with retail prices ranging $65-$595. In line with the reputation of Michael Kors, these watches are sold only at a few department stores in each city that cater to the contemporary fashion market, including stores like Bloomingdales, Nordstorm, and Macy's. The degree of channel coverage for Michael Kors watches can most accurately be described as:
Christie loves her new iPhone but is very frustrated that she is hardly ever able to use FaceTime because she rarely has access to Wi-Fi in her home in rural New Mexico. Christie's frustration is due to:
Lack of Bandwidth
Jenna wants to start a liquor store with her two friends Mia and Rachel. They are opening in Gainesville, so they have no doubt they'll be successful. Mia will be the main salesperson, Rachel will be in charge of ordering and stocking the shelves, and Jenna will develop a special rewards card to help college students save money. Who is performing which function in the distribution channel?
Jenna - facilitating, Mia - transactional, Rachel - logistical
Bill McDermott is President and CEO of SAP Americas and Asia Pacific Japan. SAP is a company that sells extremely expensive enterprise resource planning software to large and mid-sized companies. McDermott operates at the __________ level of his organization.
Text, pictures, sound, and video refer to which website design element?
Pharmaceutical companies sell some of their products to hospitals and clinics directly. They also market other products to large retail chains like Walgreens that distribute them to their stores across the nation. In addition, they sell products to drug wholesalers that sell to the remaining independent drugstores in the U.S. What best describes the distribution method used by pharmaceutical companies in this example?
dual distribution
The detailed day-to-day operational decisions essential to the overall success of a firm's marketing effort are referred to as __________.
marketing tactics
The two types of channel conflict are
horizontal and vertical.
Hostess, makers of the iconic snack Twinkies, has noticed that it has lost much of its market share to competitors. Its top executives have decided that the brand is no longer worth their efforts and are preparing for the sale of their iconic brand. What strategy based on market share are Hostess' executives implementing?
the use of the Internet to make products and services available for purchase or use by consumers or industrial buyers.
electronic marketing channels
setting the highest initial price that customers who really desire the product are willing to pay (demand oriented)
skimming pricing
setting a low initial price on a new product to appeal immediately to the mass market (demand oriented)
penetration pricing
setting a high price so that quality (or status-concious) consumers will be attracted to the product (demand oriented)
prestige pricing
setting the price of a line of products at a number of different specific pricing points (demand oriented)
price lining
setting prices a few dollars or cents under a whole number (example: $11.99) (demand oriented)
odd-even pricing
estimating the price that the ultimate consumer would be willing to pay for a product (demand oriented)
target pricing
the marketing of two or more products in a single package price (demand oriented)
bundle pricing
charging of different prices to maximize revenue for a set amount of capacity at any given time (demand oriented)
yield management pricing
adding a fixed percentage to the cost of all items in a specific product class (cost oriented)
standard markup pricing
summing the total unit cost of providing a product or service and adding a specific amount to the cost to arrive at a price (cost oriented)
cost plus pricing
a method of pricing based on the learning effect, which holds that the unit cost of many products and services declines by 10 to 30 percent each time a firm's experience at producing and selling them doubles (cost oriented)
experience curve pricing
setting an annual target of a specific dollar volume on profit (profit oriented)
target profit pricing
Setting a price to achieve a profit that is a specified percentage of sales volume
target return on sales pricing
setting a price to achieve an annual target return-on-investment (profit oriented)
target return on investment pricing
setting a price that is dictated by tradition, a standardized channel of distribution, or other competitive factors (competition oriented)
customary pricing
setting a market price for a product or product class based on a subjective feel for the competitor's price or market price as the benchmark (competition oriented)
above, at, or below market pricing
deliberately selling a product below its customary price to attract customers' attention in hopes that they will buy other products as well (competition oriented)
loss-leader pricing
(called fixed pricing) involves setting one price for all buyers of a product or service
one-price policy
(also called dynamic pricing) involves setting different prices for products and services depending on individual buyers and purchase situations
flexible-price policy
setting prices for all items in a product line
product-line pricing
involves successive price cutting by competitors to increase or maintain their unit sales or market share
price war
Zephyrhills has the objective of expanding its share of the Florida bottled water market from 40% to 50%. In order to achieve this growth, what is the total share of voice that Zephyrhills must have? (Assume Zephyrhills' current SOV is 40%.)
the description of how new retail outlets enter the market.
wheel of retailing
Which of the following characteristic(s) of a website is(are) aimed at enabling user-to-user communication?

I. Content
II. Communication
III. Connection
IV. Community
IV only
Brittany logged onto what she thought was Amazon.com to browse for a new pair of running shoes. Sure enough, she found a pair in her favorite color and they had them in her size. She ordered the shoes and typed in all her appropriate information. The next day she logged in to check her bank account and realized someone had stolen her credit card number and purchased $500 worth of ring tones. What type of transaction fraud has Brittany fallen victim to?
Oliver loves his Beta fish named Alpha. He notices that a new store called Fish R Us has opened in his town. Even though the Fish R Us store is small and has high prices, Oliver shops there because the employees are very knowledgeable about fish and are always willing to help him find the best products for Alpha. Fish R Us focuses only on fish-related merchandise, but it has a great selection within those categories. Fish R Us can best be described as a:
Specialty Store
Managers at Winn-Dixie are trying to determine if they need to expand the number of shelf facings they give JIF peanut butter. They are interested in determining how fast the JIF peanut butter product is being sold, and therefore, how often it will need to be restocked. They determine the Beginning Inventory to be $30,000 and the Ending Inventory to be $36,000. The Cost of Goods Sold is $245,000. What is JIF's Stockturn Rate?
According to guest lecturer Sara Sharpe from Chompmenus.com, which of the following statements are TRUE about Chompmenus?
1 Students, Gainesville residents and restaurants are all customers of Chompmenus
2 Chompmenus generates revenue only through selling advertising space to restaurants
3 Chompmenus offers exclusive deals and customer loyalty programs as incentives for ordering online
4 Chompmenus does not use any local guerrilla marketing tactics to advertise their services
5 Chompmenus offers easy online ordering and a free menu guide
1 3 and 5
Firms on average used eight metrics to measure their innovation. Among firms that use more than three different innovation metrics, they use output and input metrics. Which of the following is an input metric?
A. customer satisfaction with new products or services
B. return on investment (ROI) in new products or services
C. number of new products or services launched
D. revenue growth due to new products or services
E. R&D spending as a percentage of sales
R&D spending as a percentage of sales
Captain Morgan is known for making and distributing rum. The decision makers in the company have recently increased their advertising budget. They arrived at this larger budget by basing their ad spending on their new goal of increasing Captain Morgan's presence in the college market. They know they need to introduce some new flavored rums and do a lot of event marketing. By estimating the costs of these initiatives, Captain Morgan was able to arrive at their budget, which is now slightly higher than Bacardi's. What type of advertising budget strategy is this an example of?
Objective & Task
The evaluation phase of the strategic marketing process involves comparing goals and results to identify deviations using marketing metrics and dashboards, _____, and formulating new plans and actions.
identifying causes of deviations
The detailed day-to-day operational decisions essential to the overall success of marketing strategies are referred to as _________.
marketing tactics
In the early 1900s, Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry by developing production lines and mass-producing the Ford Model T automobile. By reducing production costs, Henry Ford made the Model T affordable for virtually all American families. What generic business strategy did Henry Ford use to gain a competitive advantage in the automobile market?
A cost leadership strategy.
Michael Phelps, having just finished a training session for the 2012 Olympics, is hungry. He goes to Publix to buy some frozen pizzas, toilet paper, and toothpaste, and while he's there, he figures he might as well get some lunch, too. He goes to the deli and orders 4 large Boar's Head traditional subs as well as 2 dozen Publix chicken tenders for lunch. Phelps' lunch (the subs and the chicken) is an example of which retailer function? (Choose the best answer.)
Providing services
GreenWay, a U.S. organic food company, has decided to expand into the international market. After doing significant market research, the company realized that they would have to create a different product specifically tailored for each country, due to varying cultural tastes. This approach is called ____.
Pure Non-Standardization
Your uncle Albert D. Gator is the proud owner of "Swamp Survival Fashions," a chain of hunting gear and clothing stores. One of the functions your uncle performs is evaluating many different products and deciding which ones to sell in his store. This is an example of which channel function?
a marketing system that achieves coordination at successive stages of production and distribution by the size and influence of one channel member rather than through ownership.
administered vertical marketing system
the blending of different communication and delivery channels that are mutually reinforcing in attracting, retaining, and building relationships with consumers who shop and buy in the traditional marketplace and online.
Multichannel marketing
Costa Coffee Company processes and distributes its coffee to retailers worldwide. This year the company wants to significantly reduce the cost of operations. Costa decides to acquire three of the coffee plantations that supply its high quality beans. What type of channel process is Costa engaging in?
backward vertical integration
Alberto is an up and coming marketing student living on student loans and scholarships at the University of Florida. He is a tremendously hard worker and is motivated by achievement. He looks up to successful role models in his life and hopes one day to be like them. Alberto would be classified as which of the following?
an institution that sets rules governing trade between its members through panels of trade experts who decide on trade disputes between members and issue binding decisions.
World Trade Organization (WTO)
Gina and Daniela, two recent UF Marketing graduates, are hired by Elderly Gators Retirement Investments Firm as part of a team commissioned to do a detailed analysis of the consumers worldwide who use their products and services. By doing so, the company hopes to better understand and reach a worldwide retirement age audience. The type of study Gina and Daniela are being tasked with focuses on which component of "cross-cultural" analysis? (Choose the best answer)
Winter Park Village is a popular upscale shopping center close to Orlando. The village has a customer-friendly design in an outdoor setting surrounding a small park with a fountain. There are a variety of shops such as Ann Taylor and Utla, restaurants such as the Cheesecake Factory, and a Regal Cinema. Winter Park Village can best be described as a:
Lifestyle Center
Kurt works for a wholesaler. He takes inventory on all incoming products (meaning the wholesaler takes ownership) and is also in charge of the company catalog that they distribute to retailers. His company does not offer credit or conduct research. They recently added a sales team makes daily sales calls on retailers. The wholesaler Kurt works for can be categorized as a(n):
Mimimaternity.com is a website sponsored by Gerber where expectant mothers can go and share their thoughts, feelings and opinions with others in their same situation. They give and receive advice and share their experiences with others who understand what they are going through. This is an example of which use of the Internet?
virtual community
Jenni is the store manager of Rock n' Wear and would like to determine the amount of returns she had in the month of April. She has the following information to work with:

Total Sales in April: $540,000
Size of Store: 400 square feet
Net Sales per Square Foot: $1200/sq. ft.
What were Rock n' Wear's returns for the month of April?
The practice in which a translated word or phrase is retranslated into the original language by a different interpreter to catch errors is referred to as
back translation.
Consider the following quote from the Lucent Technologies website: "To use our unique capabilities to ensure that our customers thrive, our business grows, and we enrich the personal communications experience for people around the world." This quote represents Lucent's:
mission statement
Ford, an American car company, enters an agreement with a Chinese firm to share ownership of a new China-based auto manufacturing company in order to do business in China.
joint venture
Which of the following statements best describes how a supply chain differs from a marketing channel?
A supply chain includes suppliers that provide raw material inputs to a manufacturer; a marketing channel does not.
inventory management system whereby the supplier determines the product amount and assortment a retailer needs and automatically delivers the appropriate items.
vendor-managed inventory system
If you wanted to set up a business importing amber from Latvia to the United States, you would have to plan on paying the U.S. Customs Service roughly 20 percent of the value of the product as a(n) _________.
As discussed in the text, Dell made a conscious decision to use a(n) __________ supply chain to best meet the requirements of its consumers.
The practice of changing prices for products in real time in response to supply and demand conditions is referred to as _________.
dynamic pricing
There are three general forms of retail ownership: contractual system, independent retailer, and _________.
corporate chain
John owns a medium-sized grocery store. He finds that he does not have enough selling space to carry all the products he would like to. He would like to reduce his storage space in order to increase the amount of selling space available. What process can he implement to accomplish this?
Just-in-time inventory
Adam is starting a website called knowyourstuff.com, which is a site dedicated to the consumer. Here, anyone with an account can write reviews for products, read other people's reviews, and be connected to a huge source of information on several consumer goods. The website also has a feature that allows you to enter the location, size, and age of a house you are thinking about purchasing, and then tells you the "fair market price" for the house. This site is an example of:
Facilitating Sales
Intermediaries that represent a single producer and are responsible for the entire marketing function of that producer are referred to as _________.
selling agents
George and Gina are in charge of the Marketing plan for "Monsieur Leroy Jenkins", the new Unisex fragrance line, and must create a plan to market the new fragrance line in the Unites States, Europe, and Asia. In their plan they view the world as one giant market but with many different market segments. This approach to worldwide marketing is best known as:
Transnational Marketing
In the marketing planning process, taking stock of where the firm or product has been recently, where it is now, and where it is headed, in terms of the organization's plans and the external factors and trends affecting it, is referred to as _________.
situation analysis
Joel has been working non-stop for eight months on a marketing program to introduce a new flavor of Mountain Dew. After the program launches, he decides to take some time for self-renewal and re-creation. Joel now runs 2 miles each day, participates in community service efforts, and is an active member in a church. According to Steven Covey, which of the seven habits of highly effective people is Joel exhibiting?
Sharpen the saw
Kohl's has expanded and opened up numerous new stores across the country in the past year. The executives at Kohl's know that their overall sales growth, due to expansion, has increased tremendously, but they are curious to know their Same-Store Sales Growth. Calculate it for them, using the information below.

May 2010 May 2011
Total # of Stores 300 375
Total Net Sales $40 MM $60 MM
# New Stores 64 79
Net Sales of New Stores $10 MM $12 MM
In its annual marketing plan, Pear, Inc. plans to launch its Pear me-Phone 5 in July and its me-Pad in September. However, they also state in their plan that if competitor Zoid launches the Space Tab in September, Pear will hold the me-Pad launch until December and include upgraded features. The latter aspect of Pear's plan is known as:
A Contingency Plan
An interactive, Internet-enabled system that allows individual customers to design their own products by answering a few questions and choosing from a menu of product attributes, prices, and delivery options, is referred to as a _________.
a distribution system that consists of agreements and procedures among channel members for ordering and physically distributing a producer's products through the channel to the ultimate consumer.
channel partnership
Every month, the marketing department at Hawaii Chair, Inc., evaluates the performance of their product. This particular month, they decided they would try a new type of analysis to see if they could get more useful results. To do so, they retrieved sales data from the 60 regions their product is sold in. They wanted to see which regions were underperforming, according to the plan. Which type of analysis is the marketing department conducting?
Sales component analysis
a subsidiary, division, or unit of an organization that markets a set of related products to a clearly defined group of customers.
strategic business unit
A channel that includes intermediaries that are between the producer and consumer and perform numerous channel functions is referred to as a(n)
Indirect channel.
Michael owns a company that manufactures cigarettes, among other items. Fueled by fears of legal problems due to tobacco lawsuits and anti-smoking campaigns, investors worried that Michael's cigarette sales would drag the rest of this business down. Because of this, Michael sold the tobacco division of his company to another firm. This strategy is called:
La Perla lingerie company has annual sales of $15,000,000, while industry sales are $50,000,000. The company's gross margin is $6,000,000, and the industry's total marketing effort is $8,000,000. La Perla wishes to expand its market share by 4 share points. Is it cost effective for La Perla to try to increase its market share by 4 points, and what is the short-run loss or gain of that decision?
6/15=.4 2m*.4=800k revenue
.041.5=.06 .068m=480k cost
800k-480k=320k gain
Karl Zimmerman imports furniture from Germany—some antiques but mostly new pieces made and painted in the Black Forest. To keep cost down, he has arranged to ship the furniture only when there is enough to fill a 40-foot container. The container moves through Germany by truck, river barge, and train before being loaded on a container ship. When the ship docks in a port on the eastern U.S., the container is loaded onto a train and then a truck for delivery to Zimmerman's store. Zimmerman's method of bringing goods to the U.S. is referred to as a(n) _________.
intermodal transportation
The major difference between an off-price retailer and a discount store is that off-price retailers purchase merchandise from manufacturers __________ and discount stores buy from wholesalers _________.
at below wholesale prices; at full price but take a less of a markup.
VideoAdvantage.net is a small company that rents DVD movies by mail using the Web. It jumped into an industry where there was no dominant leader but many competitors. It established a loyal clientele and a solid market share by providing a service that was not available through other companies that rented movies over the Internet—reliable overnight shipment. Its delivery system created its
competitive advantage.
Rachel is an avid shopper. While her friends only go shopping when absolutely necessary, Rachel considers it her biggest hobby. Each week she enjoys the challenge of finding the perfect outfit for the upcoming weekend. In Rachel's eyes, shopping is her most rewarding experience. Rachel engages in:
Recreational Shopping
Vince Violins is a small manufacturer of high quality violins. They have just finished their new luxury "Finn" line and would like to distribute it to high-end retailers around the country. Because Vince is a small manufacturer, they employ the help of Music Mart to negotiate the sales between Vince and high-end retailers. After the sale is made by Music Mart, Vince ships the violins directly to the retailers. In this example, Music Mart is a/an _____ and, the channel process used by Vince Violins is called _____.
agent / drop shipping
The Italian shoe industry has become a world leader because of intense domestic competition among firms such as Bruno Magli and Rossimoda. According to Michael Porter's theory about national competitive advantage, Italy's success in the shoe industry is due in part to its
strategy, structure, and rivalry.
A drug store that sells pharmaceuticals, beauty aids, camera equipment, nonperishable grocery items, and automobile motor oil is an example of a retailer using
scrambled merchandising.
Lisa was working on the situation analysis component of her company (Mazda) marketing plan. In order to conduct a SWOT analysis on Mazda, Lisa had to do some research. While conducting her research, Lisa found that economic conditions were not favorable and she began to get worried. However, she also found that these has been a recent trend toward "environmentally friendly" vehicles, which she saw as promising. Which components of the SWOT analysis are depicted in this example?
opportunities and threats
The stapler industry has five competing brands, which are listed below. The market growth rate for staplers is 5.6%. The BCG Growth-Share Matrix would label Stapler Express as a _____, with what relative market share?
dog .37
The small, rarely recognized country of Agantha has the following trade statistics in the year 2011:

GDP: $126 million
Imports: $34.5 million
Exports: $52.5 million

Which of the following is correct about Agantha?
$18 million balance of trade surplus
Ray, who has been a star athlete for the past fifteen years, is retiring from sports due to an injury and is about to enter the job market. Ray has been warned by many of his peers about the difficulty of finding a job in today's business world. Therefore, he decides to polish up his resume, begin searching for jobs, and start networking with professionals that are in his desired industry. Ray's actions show that he is following which of Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People?
Be proactive
On an e-commerce website, a process that automatically groups people with similar buying intentions, preferences, and behaviors and then predicts future purchases is referred to as _________.
collaborative filtering
Pinguinos.com is a new website founded and created for/by extreme penguin lovers. This website features silly penguin videos, penguin games, and personal experience blogs. Which of the following uses of the Internet does Pinguinos.com represent?
Virtual Communities
The Belk Department Store at the Oaks Mall is reviewing the success of all its departments. Belk's management team is seeking to determine which department is the most successful so they can expand it. They have decided that the way they will make this decision is to compute each department's net sales per square foot. The two departments that they are comparing are Shoes and Home. The Shoe department occupies 2,000 square feet and is responsible for $1,200,000 in sales. It has returns equal to $60,000. The Home department is 4,000 square feet and produces $2,500,000 in sales. Its returns equal $400,000. Which of these departments is more successful, and what is its net sales per square foot?
Shoes is more successful at $570 / sq. ft.
Kendall had been eyeing a scarf at Target for some time. When she decided to purchase the scarf in the store last week it was sold out. She rushed home, accessed the web using her secure wireless connection, and signed on to the Target website to order the scarf online. She entered her information and awaited the scarf's arrival. When she did not receive her scarf, Kendall checked her credit card statement and noticed that someone had ordered $300 worth of gourmet jams from Canada. This situation is an example of which of the following internet security issues?
Reductions in delivery times both in the marketplace and the supply chain have earned firms such as Toyota and Xerox a strong reputation. For Toyota and Xerox, logistics
creates time utility for their customers.
Lucy really loves shopping for school supplies every year. She's not ok with buying just any old highlighter or notebook. Lucy wants to have huge selection of products to choose from so she can pick the best brand. She is disappointed when she goes to Target, because they offer only three highlighter brands. When she goes to OfficeMax, though, they have eight brands to choose from. OfficeMax's deeper selection of highlighters is an example of why it is a:
Power Retailer
Currently, the market growth rate is 5%. Each brand's sales are listed below:

Brand Sales
Bounty $25,000,000
Scott $19,000,000
Brawny $17,000,000
Viva $12,000,000
Sparkle $8,000,000
All Others $45,000,000

According to the BCG Matrix, what cell does Bounty fall into and what is Bounty's relative market share?
Cash cow; 1.32
Tracy could not understand why Dominos Pizza would close its Times Square location. The Times Square restaurant has maintained one of the highest sales volumes of all the Dominos locations in the country. However, Tracy did not know that after performing a _____, the company found that the high cost of rent and wages in the area severely eroded the attractiveness of the Times Square location.
profitability analysis
an inventory supply system that operates with very low inventories and requires fast on-time delivery.
Just in time
due to either a poor plan, poor implementation, or both.
Marketing failures
Collaborative relationships are becoming a common way to meet the demands of global competition. Global __________ are agreements between two or more independent firms to cooperate for the purpose of achieving common goals such as a competitive advantage or customer value creation.
strategic alliances
Wublix is a popular grocery store in Canada. They are tired of potato chips arriving at their stores broken into a million pieces. To fix this issue, they have informed their potato chip suppliers that from now on they will only carry brands that package their chips in hard containers like Pringles, or that pay a premium for more "gentle" shipping. Several potato chip companies, scared of losing Wublix's business, comply with Wublix's demands. In this instance, Wublix is a(n) _____.
Channel Captain
Utz, a regional snack food producer in the Northeast, is looking to increase its market share by 2% in the potato chip industry. Currently the potato chip industry has $460 million in annual sales with $32.2 million of that coming from the sales of Utz. Utz has a gross margin of $10.5 million. The potato chip industry typically spends $30 million in combined marketing effort. Is it worth spending the required extra money in marketing effort for Utz to achieve this increase in market share?
Yes, it will be a net gain of $2,100,000
Learning 2 Read (L2R) is attempting to determine the amount of marketing effort they need to budget for their growth objective. A recent trade journal published research that found L2R currently holds a 25% market share as well as 25% "share of voice". If L2R wants to increase their market share to 40% next year, what total share of voice do they need to have?
Bertha wants to open a bookstore in Gainesville, Florida. She is working on her marketing plan. She has just finished her SWOT analysis. What should she do next?
Formulate objectives
David and Cecilia Stanford, owners of Prairie Herb vinegars, decided to offer the product in 5-ounce and 13-ounce sizes. They decided to sell the vinegar only through the mail and to price the smaller bottle at $4.45 and the larger bottle at $13.25. They were determining Prairie Herb's marketing
Julie is trying to market a new soda product that she calls "Julie Juice". Unfortunately, even though she spent a lot of money marketing, her product is still a flop. It didn't do well because Coca-Cola and Pepsi already have huge market shares. Pepsi and Coca-Cola's large market shares and marketing budgets created _____ that doomed Julie Juice.
an entry barrier
Erica has decided to franchise her cake shop called The Best Chocolate Cake in the World. Her franchisees come from all over the country, and Erica is expanding her chain of shops into cities like New York, Chicago, and L.A. The franchisees are excellent bakers themselves and are fully capable of starting their own bake shops, but they choose to franchise because they receive all of these benefits:
1 higher chance of success
2 advertising power
3 centralized planning
4 autonomy
5 more "buy local" appeal
1 2 and 3
Freightfinder.com is an Internet company that is called a "go-between." If a trucker needs to find a load for a particular trade lane, he or she can visit this site, list the price and available truck space, and find a company that needs a shipment moved. Since the purpose of this Web site is to put buyers and sellers together so that a sale can be made, this Web site can be categorized as a __________.
Sears has many different types of products that they move through their supply chain. Combining two products such as lightweight pillows and heavy washing machines in 18-wheelers allows them to achieve synergies and save money in which of the following logistic functions?
Eddie Bauer has leveraged its store, Web site, and catalog channels with impressive results. At Eddie Bauer, every effort is made to make the apparel shopping and purchase process for its customers the same as its retail stores, its catalog, and its Web site. An Eddie Bauer marketing manager says, "We don't distinguish between channels because it's all Eddie Bauer to our customers." Eddie Bauer is likely following a(n) __________ strategy.
multichannel marketing
equation for stockturn rate
cogs/average inventory
The Limited employs a quick response system to order fast-moving fashion items. The Limited's point-of-sale scanner records each sale. When stock falls below a minimum level, the system automatically sends an electronic order to the manufacturer, which processes the order immediately. This system has effectively reduced
lead time.
The relationship of annual marketing effort to annual sales revenue is assumed to be __________ of the sales response function.
a S-shaped curve, which shows that an additional marketing effort in the midrange of the curve results in far greater increases of sales revenue than at either end of the curve
the process of reclaiming recyclable and reusable materials, returns and reworks from the point-of-consumption or use for repair, remanufacturing, redistribution, or disposal.
Reverse logistics
Marketers of Chanel's worldwide clothing line have found that skinny jeans are popular in all their markets, with only slight cultural variations. They produce essentially the same product; however, they change the color, cut, and wash of the jeans for some locations. This type of marketing approach represents:
Procter & Gamble is trying to extend its Mr. Clean brand by opening franchised Mr. Clean car washes around the U.S. Under the Mr. Clean umbrella, an individual car wash owner would be considered: Part of a
contractual system
Fresh-cut flowers that only used to be available from florists can now be purchased at neighborhood supermarkets. This is an example of _________.
intertype competition
McDougal's is a fast food franchise that specializes in cheap, quick meals. Many franchisees are unhappy with the brand of potatoes the franchisor insists upon using. The shipments of potatoes frequently arrive late and are often small, so the fries are coming out rather short. The franchisor does not want to switch potato brands because they do not see this as a major problem and the potatoes are cheapest when purchased through the current potato company. This situation best describes which type of channel conflict?
Vertical Conflict
when a foreign company and a local firm invest together to create a local business.
joint venture
When marketing channel members are engaged in assorting, storing, sorting, and transporting goods, they are performing __________ functions.
electronic shopping agents that comb Web sites to compare prices and product or service features.
Corporate Wumart has a goal to achieve sales growth every year in each of its stores. In April 2009 Wumart had total net sales of $30 million in its 150 stores. In April 2010 Wumart had total sales of $45 million in its 200 stores. Of their total sales in 2010, $10 million was accounted for by the 50 new stores they opened during the year. What was Wumart's same store sales growth in April 2010?
After graduating from college, Jack and Jill opened an ice cream parlor in Gainesville. The ice cream parlor was a great success and has now expanded worldwide. Jack and Jill have some new advertising ideas; however, before they start investing money into marketing, they want to run a detailed analysis of their customers worldwide to determine which age groups account for the majority of their sales. Which aspect of cross-cultural analysis should Jack and Jill focus on?
Google headquarters has begun looking a little drab lately, so they have decided to remodel their offices. They are looking to hire a top-notch design firm. To find the firm willing to take on the project for the lowest cost, Google uses a _____, a common practice in B2B e-commerce.
Reverse auction
Christine owns a jewelry store. She buys jewelry from an overseas supplier and sells it in her store. However, Christine now wants to design and manufacture the jewelry herself, taking more control over the channel. She is looking to engage in:
backward integration
Wal-Mart customers are very happy because Wal-Mart brought back layaway for the holiday season to help their customers out in these tough economic times. Customers can reserve the items in October and pay a little bit each week until they finish paying them off and pick their gifts up in December. The customers also don't have to worry about hiding the gifts somewhere in their houses where inquisitive children might find them! This is an example of which retail function(s)?

1 Providing an assortment
2 Holding inventory
3 Breaking bulk
4 Providing services
2 and 4
Suppose a door to door salesman comes to your house to sell you a knife set. He gives you his pitch about why this knife set is the best and how you can buy it for only $19.99. Anytime you ask a question he emphasizes how low this price is for these great knives. After you agree to purchase this knife set you never hear from or do business with this salesman again. This is an example of:
Transaction Marketing
the visual computer display on a single computer screen of the essential information related to achieving a marketing objective.
Marketing dashboard
government taxes on goods or services entering a country that primarily serve to raise prices on imports.
Williams-Sonoma is a specialty store that caters to customers who want to cook at home. It offers free cooking classes, has frequent demonstrations by cookbook authors, and has employees who are knowledgeable about food preparation. The sales staff helps customers make their selections. Williams-Sonoma offers its customers _________.
Emily notices that whenever she calls HP for customer service, she is always assisted by someone working at a call center in India. This can be attributed to the lower cost of communication lines today and cheaper labor costs abroad. This is an example of:
Shrinking Globe
a Web site's aesthetic appeal and functional look and feel, reflected in site layout and visual design.
online customer experience, context
identifies the specific customer base served by all stores within a given radius.
retail positioning matrix
Bob the Builder has decided to create a marketing plan for his company. In doing this, Bob realizes that the construction industry as a whole has been steadily declining for the past few years and that Bob's company is quite small relative to many competitors. According to S.W.O.T. analysis, these factors would be considered a(n) _____ and a(n) _____, respectively.
Threat; Weakness
Janet is obsessed with eating sunflower seeds, especially Ranch flavored ones. Her favorite brand, Spitz Sunflower Seeds, manufactures the seeds in Canada. After the seeds are covered in the delectable ranch flavoring and packaged, Spitz then distributes the seeds to gas stations and convenience stores across the U.S. and Canada. Customers can buy bags of Spitz seeds at thousands of stores. What degree of channel coverage and what type of channel are described in this situation?
Intensive; Indirect
If Caterpillar Tractor Co., a manufacturer of heavy earthmoving equipment, starts manufacturing toy tractors and selling them through Toys R Us and other retailers, this would be an example of _________.
Fruits N' More (FNM) has noticed that their Froot brand chewing gum has been steadily losing market share to its competitors. According to the latest market reports, only a small segment of the market is loyal to the FNM brand. Because of this, FNM's top executives have decided to continue to manufacture and distribute Froot, but no longer invest in marketing efforts. Which strategy is FNM implementing?
An arrangement whereby a firm reaches different buyers by employing two or more different types of channels for the same basic product is referred to as _________.
dual distribution
The term used to identify an organization's long-term course of action designed to deliver a unique customer experience while achieving its goals is referred to as
Hard Candy is a cosmetics company that markets the Palm Palette—all the make-up a "girl-on-the-go" needs without a cumbersome make-up bag. It comes in three shades—glam, funky, and girlies. Hard Candy targets women who are twenty something. Which one of Porter's generic business strategies does Hard Candy use?
differentiation focus
A company that uses an organizational structure by marketing department, finance department, human resource department, etc., is most likely using __________ groupings.
In terms of the Seven Habits, Habit 7 refers to sharpening the saw, where individuals take the time for self-renewal and re-creation. Individuals work to improve their four general areas of physical, mental, emotional, and _____ well-being.
Tiffany & Company knows that Japanese are superstitious about the number 4. As a result, Tiffany sells its fine glassware and china in sets of five, not four, in Japan. Tiffany has used its knowledge of __________ to avoid connecting its products with the number 4.
cultural symbols
The marketing managers at Omaha Steaks used airlines' databases to mail a special offer to frequent flyers. Eight weeks after shipping the steaks to the frequent flyers who placed orders as a result of the initial offer, the company's salespeople followed up by telephoning customers to ask for new orders. This is an example of which types of nonstore retailing?
direct mail and telemarketing
Miranda is in charge of selling MTV's daytime television advertisement slots. Overall, ad sales have been declining for the past few months. Miranda wants to find out which time slots in particular are performing the worst. To do this, she considers each show individually: MADE, True Life, Teen Mom, etc. Miranda is engaging in:
Sales Component Analysis
When Lisa received an e-mail from who she thought was Brendon, her favorite bank teller at Bank of America, asking for her PIN and account number, she replied back instantly. Later that day she went to use her debit card at her favorite store in the mall and was denied due to insufficient funds. She immediately called Brendon for an explanation. Brendon assured Lisa that he had never sent her an e-mail and explained that she was the victim of Internet fraud. What type of Internet fraud was this?
Spear phishing
A small businesswoman was preparing her staff for the upcoming holiday season. "We want to move as much inventory as possible. Not only can we highlight our holiday items, why not mark down some of our other seasonal items while people are in a shopping mood." From this statement, she is most concerned with __________ goals.
A shoe manufacturer in the U.S. has decided to import cheaper shoelaces from China instead of buying them from a local shoelace manufacturer in Ohio. This is an example of:
"the China price"
George Zimmer, the CEO of Men's Wearhouse, is known to the public as the bearded company pitchman who sells suits and sport coats on TV declaring, "You'll like the way you look; I guarantee it!" He also says that to be successful, "You've got to have a company that starts with trust and fairness." He aims to keep his employees happy and loyal. His philosophy establishes what is termed:
organizational culture.
Nicole is a designer and manufacturer of high end shoes. Nicole usually follows a typical channel model, selling her shoes to various retailers, who in turn sell to consumers. Nicole has learned that she has the potential to make more money by opening up her own retail store where she can sell her designer shoes. What channel type would Nicole be employing if she opened her own retail store?
Forward Vertically Integrated
Sarah is the marketing manager for Boston Red Socks, a company that sells Red Sox fan gear. Every year she evaluates the company's marketing efforts to make sure they are up to par. She looks at the marketing mix, the marketing budget and the company's overall marketing strategy. What Control (Evaluation) activity is Sarah in charge of performing?
Marketing Audit
Why would an online consumer want to use a bot?
enhance convenience of online shopping
work for several producers and carry noncompetitive, complementary merchandise in an exclusive territory.
Manufacturer's agents
The U.S. motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson uses intermediaries to sell its U.S.-manufactured motorcycles in numerous nations outside the U.S.; Harley-Davidson uses
indirect exporting.
People who have the authority and responsibility to advise others in the organization but cannot issue direct orders to them are referred to as holding __________.
staff positions
firms that perform most or all of the logistics functions that manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors would normally perform themselves.
Third-party logistics providers
The level in an organization where top management directs overall strategy for the entire organization is referred to as the
corporate level.
discounting a product when the product does not sell at the original price and an adjustment is necessary.
Pepsi is trying to increase its market share in the soft drink industry. Their current market share and current Share of Voice are both 20%, but they would like it to increase their market share to 27%. Based on the Competitive Parity Model, what will Pepsi's total Share of Voice need to be to reach the desired market share this year, and assuming they are successful, what will their total Share of Voice need to be next year to maintain the desired market share?
30.5%; 27%
Winemaker Robert Mondavi Corp. buys satellite images from NASA to spot problems in its vineyards and pushes those images out over a(n) __________ to its independent growers. Mondavi will help growers avoid vineyard problems—and improve the grapes it buys.
Recipco and Tradaq are companies that connect international companies who want to trade the products they make for products they need, rather than paying cash. Recipco and Tradaq assist international companies in making
Scott is in the process of opening a Panera Bread Company on Anna Maria Island. In determining the location for his restaurant, Scott is deciding where he should build the cafe (e.g., along a street, at an intersection) in order to best accommodate potential customers traveling around the island and, thus, draw them to Panera rather than other restaurants on the island. In this scenario, Scott is considering which micro factor of site location?
An approach to managing the assortment of merchandise in which a manager is assigned the responsibility for selecting all products that consumers in a market segment might view as substitutes for each other, with the objective of maximizing sales or profits, is referred to as __________.
category management
Elmer Fudd owns a rabbit hunting supplies business, Wabbits. He is developing a marketing plan and is in the strategy formulation stage. Elmer wants to pursue a strategy that has the most (number one) influence on market share and growth. Based on the research discussed in lecture, which of the following should he implement?
train sales force to be more effective
Designing a car is expensive and time-consuming even with the use of computers, because until recently there was no way for all the varied departments that are involved in new car development to work together. Daimler-Chrysler created a unique central Web-based system that cuts the design and production process by at least two years. This unique system is an example of a(n)
H.H. Gregg wants to start carrying Apple MacBooks, so they place an order with Situation Shipping, Apple's independent intermediary. Situation Shipping indicates that they have plenty of MacBooks in stock. However, when H.H. Gregg requests a financing plan to assist them in paying for the order, Situation Shipping replies that they don't offer financing. In this scenario, Situation Shipping is what type of intermediary?
someone who buys large quantities of goods and resells to merchants rather than to the ultimate customers
Teddy realizes that it's his turn to buy the necessities in his apartment, such as toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, etc. He runs out to the store to buy all of this stuff. First, he tackles the paper goods, quickly realizing that there are various different brands and types of toilet paper, paper towels, and so on. He finally chooses a 4-pack of toilet paper and a 2-pack of paper towel rolls, as he has nowhere in his apartment to store any larger packages. He grabs the dish soap and heads home. Fortunately, the store had everything he needed. In this example, what retail functions is the store serving for Teddy? 1 Providing assortments
2 Breaking bulk
3 Holding inventory
4 Transporting
5 Financing
1 2 and 3
the practice of shielding one or more sectors of a country's economy from foreign competition through the use of tariffs or quotas.
Intermediaries make the selling of goods more efficient by
minimizing the number of sales contacts between producer and consumer.
The blending of different communication and delivery channels that are mutually reinforcing in attracting, retaining, and building relationships with consumers who shop and buy in traditional intermediaries and online, is referred to as __________.
multichannel marketing
Esten doesn't like to shop online because she is paranoid that her transactions will not be secure. However, one day Esten decided to make a Michaels.com account so she could indulge her knitting obsession. Two weeks after ordering 17 spools of "Crazy Woman Mountain Colors Yarn", Esten received an e-mail that she thought was from Michael's. It asked her to kindly update her credit card and address for maintenance purposes. She did as requested, and was the victim of a $2,000 scam. The e-mail Esten received was not sent by Michael's; it was sent by an imposter. This known as:
David has just watched his Principles of Marketing online lecture about Steven Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. His Marketing Final Exam is in one week, and David needs a strong performance to get an A in the course. Typically, after watching a lecture he rereads his notes twice so he can remember them. However, a phone call from his girlfriend has David getting dressed to go out to Midtown. Which of Covey's habits has David already forgotten?
Put First Things First
The marketing strategy of developing new products and selling them in new markets is referred to as
Baldwin has decided he can't afford to maintain a large inventory of components. Instead, The Computer Company maintains a very low inventory and relies on mail-order suppliers to provide fast, on-time delivery of components as they are needed. The Computer Company is using
just-in-time inventory supply
Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars have been around since 1894. Through the decades, the company has invested a lot of marketing and advertising to make Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars the best known brand of chocolate in America. However, for the past few years, the company decided not to invest any more money on advertising for the chocolate bar since it is so well-established. What strategy is the Hershey's company engaging in with respect to the Milk Chocolate bar?
an online consumer who researches products online and then purchases them at a retail store
Cross-channel shopper
while it is important to drive down logistics costs, customer needs must be a part of the equation.
cost-effective logistics management
When guest speaker Megan Kates was in sales for Cartier, she believed the most important aspect of her job, especially in Latin America, was fulfilling which responsibility?
Managing Client Relationships
Patty has just inherited a large sum of money and has decided to open her own photo gallery. She has a great plan mapped out, but she has spent six months analyzing every possible detail and has yet to set an opening date. What aspect of improving implementation should Patty focus on in order to be successful?
Just Do It
Stephanie is in the market for a new digital camera because the lens on her old camera got smashed after a night of partying. Before going to an electronics store, she researches different cameras on an independent ratings website called www.cameraratings.com to compare the available models on their zoom, quality, and price. The primary objective of this kind of website is:
Facilitating Sales
Assuming business risks in the ownership of inventory that can become obsolete or deteriorate would be an example of a __________ function.
There are multiple stores in town selling textbooks: OBT, Florida Bookstore, Titletown Textbooks, etc. All of these stores are competing for your textbook purchases. However, you go into one of these stores, skim through a textbook and then decide to buy the same book from Amazon.com at a cheaper price. What type of channel conflict exists among the various "brick-and-mortar" book stores and Amazon?
The mathematical function that relates the expense of marketing effort to the marketing results obtained is referred to as __________.
sales response function
The Sawgrass Oasis is a popular upscale shopping destination in South Florida. It contains a movie theater, an upscale department store, specialty stores, and restaurants, all in an appealing outdoor setting. The Sawgrass Oasis can best be described as a:
Lifestyle Center
the application of modern measurement technologies to understand, quantify, and optimize marketing spending.
Marketing ROI
When determining their Marketing plan and budget for the upcoming year, Pepsi decides they want to introduce three new products to their existing soft drink line. In order to do so, Pepsi determines that they will need $15 million for research and development, $20 million for market testing, $20 million for an ad campaign, and $10 million for an expanded manufacturing facility. What type of budgeting approach is Pepsi using?
Objective & Task
a person who is able and willing to cut red tape and move a product or program forward.
Product champion
Polo Ralph Lauren sells its products in countries around the world. When it enters a new market, it does not modify its advertising or marketing to the culture of the country. Polo believes the product sells itself, and therefore operates its stores in exactly the same fashion as in the United States. Polo's global marketing approach is best defined as:
International Marketing
The first aspect he considers is the age distribution in each country.Secondly, he considers both per capita income and inflation in each country. Lastly, he considers whether or not the consumers in each country would even accept his product into their lives. In terms of cross-cultural analysis, what characteristic(s) is Newt considering?

1 technological
2 demographic
3 economic
4 natural
5 legal/regulatory
6 social/cultural
2 3 and 6
Ryan Seacrest is looking to increase the market share of his male hair care line, SeaLocks. He would like to increase the current 26% market share to 32% market share. He uses share point analysis to determine if it is worth increasing marketing expenditures to improve market share. Research shows that the total male hair care industry marketing effort is $900,000. Ryan also finds that SeaLocks sales revenues are $2,860,000 and the cost of goods sold is $1,560,000. Given this information, what is Ryan's short-term gain (or loss) in profit if he is successful in his effort to expand SeaLocks' market share?
In class, Hobie Walker talked about several current and expected future trends in the consumer products marketplace. Which one of the following is NOT a trend that Mr. Walker mentioned?
switch from private label back to national brands as the economy bounces back
Alberta is searching for a Tim Tebow Denver Broncos jersey for her husband Albert's Christmas present. She searches every sports store in Gainesville, but they are all sold out for the holidays. As a result, Alberta decides to purchase the jersey from NFLShop.com. This represents _____ e-commerce, and NFLShop.com is a _____ website.
Business-to-consumer, transactional
The North American Free Trade Agreement was designed to encourage free trade between
US, Canada, and Mexico
Many supermarkets have in-store restaurants where a customer can buy prepared meals to take home. Supermarkets and restaurants that provide these same kinds of meals are engaged in __________ competition.
Starbucks' marketing department is in the process of preparing its annual marketing plan and decides to conduct a SWOT analysis for their premium line of coffee. Which of the following are considered strengths in the SWOT matrix for Starbucks?

1 The company has strong ethical values and an ethical mission statement
2 The demand for coffee is growing exponentially
3 The company is very profitable
4 The company has a reputation for fine products and services
5 Starbucks' baristas provide personalized customer service
1 3 4 and 5
Kendra Wilkinson has decided to open a baby clothing store named Hank Junior. In order to attract an upscale clientele, she will open only one store in Los Angeles and one store in New York City. She hopes that having a small number of stores will positively affect the store image. What type of utility is Kendra trying to create?
Your local Hallmark retailer carries thousands of greeting cards. You can find cards for a twin birthday, for name day, from my cat to yours, and many other unique titles. This is an example of the _________ your Hallmark retailer carries.
depth of product line
Consider the following trade statistics for Country A in 2009.

Imports: $86.0 billion
Exports: $114.5 billion
GDP: $330 billion

Country A had a _____ for 2009.
$28.5 billion balance of trade surplus
Frank needs to buy a new car. Before visiting a showroom, however, he logs onto www.autobytel.com. Here, he can compare the attributes of various makes and models, find information about the prices of various option packages and learn the manufacturer's suggested retail prices for different cars. After deciding on the car he wants to buy, Frank visits the local showroom and negotiates with the salesperson for the model and options package he wants. Because Frank is so well informed about prices, he is able to make a deal several hundred dollars below the salesperson's initial offer. Frank's car buying experience illustrates which reason why consumers shop online?
Publix is trying to determine how much shelf space should be devoted to each brand of pretzels that they carry. For fiscal 2010, Snyder's Pretzels has a cost of goods sold = $364,000, its beginning inventory = $62,500 and its ending inventory = $51,250. Rold Gold Pretzels has a cost of goods sold = $407,000, its beginning inventory = $38,725 and its ending inventory = $32,500. What is Snyder's stockturn rate and which of the two brands should have the most shelf space, assuming they are equally profitable on a per unit basis?
6.40, Rold Gold
Acosta, as described by guest speaker Hobie Walker, works with a wide variety of manufacturers to sell their products through various channels. What type of channel coverage does Acosta use on behalf of its manufacturer clients?
InStyle magazine has a magazine, www.instyle.com, that contains many different links to fun things that help to increase positive feelings and loyalty among their readers. The site has information about different beauty products, information about the latest trends, and a link that allows people to perform virtual makeovers. InStyle's website is used for:
brand building
decide to keep the advertising the same in other countries. They soon realize that no one is responding to the ads the way people are in the U.S. and no one is buying the perfume in the other countries. What marketing approach is responsible for Whitney's fragrance flop?
International Marketing
People who referred 10 friends to the Procter & Gamble website for Physique shampoo (www.physique.com) received a free, travel-sized styling spray and were entered in a sweepstakes to win a year's supply of the shampoo. The promotion generated 2 million referrals and made Physique the most successful new shampoo ever launched in the United States. To accomplish this P & G used
Viral marketing
Suppose Snickers holds 20% market share for candy bars, as well as 20% share of voice. Mr. Mars, the brand manager for Snickers, wants to increase his market share by 4 share points. Snickers' total gross margin is $1 million. If the total industry market effort is $3 million, what is the short-term gain or loss by Snickers if it is successful in expanding its market share by the desired amount?
$20,000 gain
Loving Care Pets manufactures four different kinds of pet food (for dogs, cats, rabbits and gerbils), specifically created for pets under three months of age. Assuming it is marketing to a single segment of "pet owners", in terms of the market-product grid framework, Loving Care Pets is using a __________ strategy.
Market specialization
Which type of Internet sales currently accounts for the most sales revenue?
Business to Business transactions
Those characteristics of a product that make it superior to competitive substitutes are called
Points of difference
Benefits that imply category membership are common to most, if not all brands and are sometimes referred to as ____.
points of parity
In order to create her marketing budget she has specified all the objectives she would like to achieve over the next year, listed all the tasks associated with those objectives, and estimated the cost of completing each task. Then, she added up the costs and created her marketing budget for the year. What is a synonym for the type of budgeting approach is Lauren using?
zero-based budgeting
Dizzles' service is among the best in the business, and their prices are generally low. Their huge stores provide a relatively narrow but also very deep selection of goods. Dizzles is most likely a:
Power retailer
The channel strategy demonstrated when Schwinn Corp. sells its Schwinn brand bicycles through select bike dealers and its "Sand King" brand of bikes through discount stores is called
Dual distribution
In retailing, __________ involve independently owned stores that band together to act like a corporate chain.
Contractual systems
A __________ is an inventory-management system whereby the supplier determines the product amount and assortment a customer (such as a retailer) needs and automatically delivers the appropriate items.
Vendor-managed inventory system
Marco recently started his own computer business and knows he does not have the resources needed to market and sell to customers directly. Therefore, he has decided to work with an independent wholesaler. The wholesaler performs some key logistical and transactional functions. The wholesaler takes ownership and physical possession of the products, but does not offer any financing to its customers. The wholesaler Marco has decided to do business with is a(n):
Longaberger baskets are sold at parties hosted by individual consumers. The hostess invites friends and neighbors to see the baskets the company has sent to display and takes orders. In return, the hostess is able to purchase the baskets at a discount. Longaberger uses which type of retailing?
Direct selling
What is the first step in choosing a supply chain?
Understanding the customer
Charging different customers different prices for the same service
price discrimination
James has divided his customers into 3 groups. The top group are valuable and loyal and he will make special accommodations for them. The middle group are good customers but not loyal. The lowest group cost James money and he wants them to stop shopping there. In figuring this out, James has engaged in what?
profitability analysis
OceanAir logistics will ship your product to Japan for less than what it would cost you to do so. It does this by accumulating small shipments into larger lots and then hiring a carrier to move them. OceanAir logistics is an example of a
freight forwarder
Looking at the development of roads, water delivery networks, sewage and garbage disposal facilities, and the stability of the government are all part of a country's
economic infrastructure
A manager measures the response various marketing programs have met, to make sure funds are being used efficiently. He tracks the amount spent by each department and the total sales each makes on its marketing activities. This manager appears to be using what to control the store's marketing programs?
sales component analysis
Along Archer Road, students can find several national stores like Target and Wal-Mart. There are also dozens of other smaller stores within the same buildings. Publix groceries are conveniently located among the major retailers. This type of retail location is best described as a:
power center
Before opening a store, the owner has to decide what to stock the store with and how many of each type to keep in stock. Also, figure out the best, least expensive place from which to order the products and make sure the shipments will arrive at the correct location at the right time. This is describing:
Expand a business overseas. Goes to each foreign market and decides which aspects of its marketing approach can be kept and which ones need to be adjusted. This is called a:
mixed approach
16% market share but wants to increase to 24% market share. industry's total marketing expense this year is $1,200,000. How much should the firm's total marketing expense be?