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Hardest Test Ever on Chapter 7 Suckaazs!

What is the "cultural difference" perspective?
Much of the conflict and failure experienced by Navajo youth is due to cultural differences between the home and the school.
What were the complaints of the 1974 lawsuit Navajo Parents v. Board of Education? There were two...
There were not enough high schools on the reservation and Navajo children were denied equal education.
How many total schools days did the students with the longest bus routes spend on the bus each year?
240 days
Who removed the Navajos to a prison camp in 1868?
Kit Carson
What percentage of students had their heads down on their desks in 8th grade history class?
Who were the 6 members of the curriculum committee?
A retired superintendant, assistant superintendant, district assistant superintendant, educational expert for justice department, a bilingual expert from Navajo Nation, the author
What are the 2 heritage languages used in San Juan counties schools?
Navajo and Ute
When was the last time the justice department member saw schools as bad as the ones seen in this report?
1960's South
What is the main excuse given by the school district to put the "pockets of excellence" project on hold?
The mighty NCLB
Why can't high achieving students from San Juan schools gain admission to the University of Utah?
Lack of science and math courses offered
Super Bonus Question: What is the name of the town that was the leper colony on the Navajo Reservation?