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A child diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia would most likely benefit from increasing the consumption of
A. milk.
B. red meat.
C. fresh fruits.
D. yellow vegetables.

B. red meat.

A measure of the amount at which a nutrient is absorbed and used by the body is termed
A. net utilization.
B. bioavailability.
C. biological value.
D. utilization efficiency.

B. bioavailability.

A person ingesting large amounts of thyroid antagonist substances is at high risk of developing
A. cretinism.
B. simple goiter.
C.high blood T3 levels.
D. high blood thyroxine levels.

B. simple goiter.

A person with high blood levels of hepcidin responds by
A. decreasing iron absorption.
B.increasing iron absorption.
C.decreasing zinc absorption
D.increasing zinc absorption.

A. decreasing iron absorption.

A woman with a severe iodine deficiency during pregnancy may give birth to a child with
A. anemia.
B. rickets.
C. cretinism.
D. allergies

C. cretinism.

About how much iron is absorbed from a vegetarian diet compared with an omnivorous diet?
A. The same
B. One-half as much
C. Twice as much
D. Three times as much

B. One-half as much

Absorption of iron from supplements is improved by taking them with
A. tea.
B. meat.
C. milk.
D. whole-grain bread.

B. meat.

All of the following are body proteins directly involved in iron metabolism except
A. ferritin.
B. transferrin.
C. hemosiderin.
D. metallothionein.

D. metallothionein.

All of the following are characteristics of copper in nutrition except
A. deficiency is rare.
B. legumes are a rich source.
C. absorption from foods is poor.
D. absorption is reduced by ingestion of zinc supplements.

C. absorption from foods is poor.

All of the following are chief storage sites for surplus iron except the
A. liver.
B. spleen.
C. muscle.
D. bone marrow.

c. muscle.

All of the following are classified as phytonutrients except
A. lutein.
B. lignans.
C. hepcidin.
D. phytosterols.

C. hepcidin.

All of the following are considered heavy metals except
A. iron.
B. lead.
C. mercury.
D. cadmium.

A. iron

All of the following are known to reduce the absorption of iron except
A. tea.
B. coffee.
C. sugars.
D. phytates.

C. sugars

All of the following are known to reduce the absorption of iron except
A. phytates.
B. MFP factor.
C. soybean protein.
D. tannic acid in tea.

B. MFP factor

All of the following are known to result from excessive zinc intake except
A. inhibition of iron absorption.
B. galvanized liver and kidneys.
C. inhibition of copper absorption.
D. decreases in high-density lipoproteins.

B. galvanized liver and kidneys

All of the following are recognized symptoms of zinc deficiency except
A. anemia.
B. altered taste acuity.
C. impaired vision in dim light.
D. increased susceptibility to infection.

A. anemia.

All of the following characteristics are shared by iron and zinc except
A. absorption is inhibited by fiber.
B. absorption is inhibited by cow's milk.
C. transport in the blood is primarily by albumin.
D. absorption rises with increased needs of the body.

C. transport in the blood is primarily by albumin.

All of the following factors are known to enhance the absorption of iron except
A. MFP factor.
B. organic acids.
C. ascorbic acid.
D. calcium from milk.

D. calcium from milk.

Among the following, which does not contain the MFP factor?
A. Tuna
B. Spinach
C. Hamburger
D. Chicken leg

B. Spinach

An enzyme in which zinc or copper is an integral part of its structure is classified as a(n)
A. metalloenzyme.
B. oxidoreductase.
C. cytochromidase.
D. metallothionase.

A. metalloenzyme.

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