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3 types of kinetic energy and energy transfer

kinetic energy due to straight lines
kinetic energy due to the particles rotating
energy in which molecules are very close range that are vibrating
thermal energy
is the total kinetic and potential energies of the atom or molecules of a substance
is a measure of the energy transferred from a hot body to a colder one.
measure of the average kinetic energy of the atoms or molecules
the transfer of energy through the collision of molecules. It takes place only when there is a difference of temperature. heate flows from the higher temperature to the lower. not vise versa
temp difference, size and shape of material, kind of material
the rate at which heat flows depends on 3 things
the transfer of heat through the mass movement of molecules from one place to another.
conduction molecules move through only small distance and convection molecules move through large distances
what is the difference between conduction moleculs and convection molecules
does not require the presence of matter. energy from the sun is carried to the earth through the process of radiation