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Themes of Geography


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The study of the earth and its features
themes of geography
Place, Region, Human Environment Interaction, Location, Movement
A specific point on Earth distinguished by characteristics (human and physical).
An area that has common characteristics or features
Human Environment Interaction
How people use and change their surroundings and how the environment affects where people live.
The position of anything on Earth's surface.
Absolute and relative location
the ways in which people, goods, products, and information travel
absolute location
exact location ; use an address or longitude and latitude
relative location
The position of a place in relation to another place
ex: Its about 5 miles from the library
physical characteristics
The natural features of Earth, such as mountains, lakes, and deserts, climate, plants, animals.
human characteristics
people, cultures, language, religion, man-made things, etc.
imaginary lines around the Earth parallel to the equator; tells distance north and south of equator
imaginary lines around the Earth parallel to the prime meridian; Distance east or west of the prime meridian
to make a change in order to better suit the environment

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