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The 4 basic methods for making a sculpture are:

casting, carving, modeling, and assembling

The additive process of the sculpture includes

both modeling and assembling

Relief sculpture is

all of these

In sculpture, what is the most popular modeling material?


Fired clay is sometimes called

terra cotta

Which of the following concepts conceives of a space and everything in it as a work of art?

installation art

Sculptors will often create a "sketch" out of ___ to test ideas before proceeding to their medium of choice.


____ is a sculptural process of bringing together individual pieces, segments, or objects to form a sculpture


Serpent mound and Spiral Jetty are known as


The carving method

all of these

Wood is not very durable because

all of these; cold/heat distort is, water rots it, and insects can eat it

Fired earthenware is often referred to by its Italian name

terra cotta

The Tree of Jesse is a work form

the golden age of stained glass

The principal ingredient of glass is


Forging is the art of which profession


The most common way to shape a hollow glass vessel is by


Which of the following is made from the sap of a tree


Aztec Vase Number 5 by Betty Woodman was made using the technique of

clay slab construction with thrown vessels

Although the chemical composition of ___ changes when exposed to extreme heat, ____ doesn't change chemically when its pliability is altered by heat

clay/ glass

The ancient Olmecs of Mesoamerica prized____ for its translucence, which they associated with rainwater


The following is NOT true about art museum architecture

John Russell Pope's National Gallery was initially praised for its innovative style

Fallingwater is a prime example of the "organic" architecture of

Frank Lloyed Wright

A _____ is a horizontal form supported at only one end


_____ rotated 360 degrees on its axis is called a dome


When a large hall is built using post-and-lintel construction methods, the resulting "virtual forest of columns" is called a

hypostyle hall

The 2 basic families of structural systems in architecture are

shell and skeleton and skin

The Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian styles of columns were developed by the Greeks in the______centuries B.C.E., respectively

7th, 6th, and 4th

According to the author, a ______is actually an arch extended in depth, as if there are "many arches placed flush one behind the other.

barrel vault

Builders of Gothic cathedrals reinforced the walls of their architecture from the outside with

both piers and flying buttresses

Using a steel framework with masonry sheathing, the_____, designed by Louis Sullivan, is thought by many to be the first genuinely modern building

Wainwright Building

Two factors that decide the success of any structural system are

weight and tensile strength

Stacking and piling is another term for

load bearing construction

The Langston Hughes Library was designed by

Maya Lin

The Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian styles are known as the

Greek orders

The Byodo-in Temple in Kyoto, Japan, is an elegant example of

post and lintel architecture

The ability of a material to span horizontal distances with a minimum of support is called

tensile strength

Built almost 2000 years ago, the_____is an enduring testament to the Roman use of the arch

Pont du Gard at Nimes

Built for the World's Fair in 1889, the______ was an early experiment in iron construction

Effel Tower

______ is most famous for his design of the geodesic dome

R. Buckminister Fuller

The International style emphasizes

all of these

The chances that a work of art from ancient times will be found or preserved are greatly increased if

all of these answers are correct

Because they lacked stone, the ancient Sumerians built their cities of

sun dried brick

To compensate for the natural distortion in which tall columns appear to bend inward, the Greeks gave then a slight bulge, which is known as


The most notable example of Neolithic architecture in Europe is

Stonehenge in England

In Egyptian art, the convention of representing social importance by size- for example, where the pharaoh is shown much larger than his subjects is known as

hierarchical scale

King Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered in 1922 by

Howard Carter

A true arch was developed by______ architects long before the Romans came up with the idea


Although bronze was the favored material for free standing sculpture in Greece, most bronze statues have not survived because

they were melted down to make weapons and other objects

Romans could watch gladiators fight to the death, along with other sporting events, at the


A prime example of art from the Hellenistic era is

Aphrodite of Melos

Because Christianity emphasized congregational worship, a fundamental change in the____ was needed.

Architectural design of places to worship

The major axis of a central-plan church, such as the church of San Vitale Ravenna, is


Unlike their Greek and Roman predecessors, Byzantine artists preferred

a flattened, abstracted style of art

The art and architecture of the high Middle Ages is generally divided into two periods, the___ and the___.


All the following are features of Romanesque architecture EXCEPT

large windows of stained glass

Gothic cathedrals are known especially for

stained glass

Soaring open spaces, pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, flying buttresses, and stained glass windows are characteristic of

gothic cathedrals

In his painting___, the artist Duccio pioneered the use of architecture to define space and direct movement

Christ Entering Jerusalem

The____is the walkway directly in front of a church that serves as the entry porch


The technique in which colored yarns are sewn to an existing woven background is called


Who were the Limbourgs?

Artist painters

The German artist Hans Holbein was court painter to?

King Henry VII of England

The word renaissance means


The technique of sfumato involves the use of

multiple layers of glazes

Leonardo da Vinci was a skilled

All of these

One of Michelangelo's major achievements was

redesigning St. Peter's Cathedral

Which 15th century invention led to the decrease in the practice of illumination by hand

printing press

The movement that divided all of Europe into Protestant and Catholic camps is called


Michelangelo, Raphael, and Botticelli were all commissioned to make art for

the Medici family

_____ organization, as seen in Masaccio's Trinity with the Virgin, St. John the Evangelist, and Donors, was a popular device among Renaissance artists of Italy

Triangular organization

Paintings depicting scenes of everyday life are known as____ paintings.


The following characteristics are all typical of Italian Baroque art EXCEPT

classic simplicity

The Palace of Versailles was home to

Louis XIV

Because many European monarchs of the 17th and 18th centuries ruled with near dictatorial power, this period is often referred to as

The Ages of Kings

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was

All of these

In Baroque architecture, wall surfaces often protrude into the viewer's space. In Baroque painting, this same effect is created through the use of

Dramatic Lighting

The Baroque painting Judith and Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes depicts a story from

The Bible

The following is true about Rembrandt EXCEPT

He achieved and maintained financial success throughout his life

St. Teresa in Ecstasy is an excellent example of

Baroque sculpture

Among the following artist, whose innovation was it to create group portraits in the setting of an activity, rather than posing the subjects formally?


The first national art museum opened in 1793. This museum, still in operation today is

The Louvre in Paris

In their painting, the Impressionists often focused on

scenes of leisure involving the middle class

Eugene Delacroix was a leading practitioner of the

Romantic Style

The recent manufactured of oil paint in tubes made it possible for 19th century European artists to make painting a portable activity. The spontaneity and directness of painting outdoors is evident in works by____ artists.


Romantic art stresses


How did Impressionism get its name?

A critic used the term to degrade the movement after seeing the painting Impression: Sunrise and it caught on

A good example of a Surrealist poetic object is

Object (Luncheon in Fur) by Meret Oppenheim

Which of the following artists was a Realist?

Gustave Courbet

Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty is an example of

Land art

During the 1920's, a creative explosion among great African-American artist, musicians, poets, and composers in New York was known as the

Harlem Renaissance

Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat

began as a graffiti artist

The artistic recycling of existing images is an aspect of


The term action painting refers to the fact that this new type of painting

traced the actions of the painter

Which art movement was directly influenced by Sigmund Freud's theories of the unconscious?


A major influence upon European culture of the 19th century, one that gave rise to an expanding middle class, was

Industrial Revolution

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