Py4e: Chapter 11


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Which of the following best describes "Regular Expressions"?
A small programming language unto itself
Which of the following is the way we match the "start of a line" in a regular expression?
What would the following mean in a regular expression? [a-z0-9]
Match a lowercase letter or a digit
What is the type of the return value of the re.findall() method?
A list of strings
What is the "wild card" character in a regular expression (i.e., the character that matches any character)?
What is the difference between the "+" and "*" character in regular expressions?
The "+" matches at least one character and the "*" matches zero or more characters
What does the "[0-9]+" match in a regular expression?
One or more digits
What does the following Python sequence print out?
x = 'From: Using the : character'
y = re.findall('^F.+:', x)
not From: or :
What character do you add to the "+" or "*" to indicate that the match is to be done in a non-greedy manner?
Given the following line of text:
From Sat Jan 5 09:14:16 2008
What would the regular expression '\S+?@\S+' match?
Which of the following regular expressions would extract '' from this string using re.findall?
From Sat Jan 5 09:14:16 2008
not @\S+