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What percent of Australians live in cities?
Two thirds or 66 percent
What percent of Australians live within half an hour of the beach?
80 percent or four fifths
What percent of Australia is too dry to grow crops?
90 percent
What is dead center of Australia?
Alice Springs
Who brought camels over to Australia?
Afghans from the Asian country
How many camels are roaming free through the outback?
Over 500,000
Who holds the camel cup each year in the outback?
Alice Springs
What does the 3,500 mile fence around Australia protect and keep out?
It protects the livestock and it keeps the dingos out
What is the most infamous of Australia's predators?
Saltwater crocodile
What is the earths largest living thing and what does the size compare to?
Great Barrier Reef and it is the same size as italy
What sea is it located in?
The coral sea on the Northerneast coast of Australia
How many separate reefs does it hold?
What is the Great Wall of Australia used for?
Keep the dingos out from attacking cattle and sheep
What is the third largest predator in Australia?
What percent does the Great Wall cover?
One fourth or 25 percent
What is the largest monolith or rock in the world?
Uluru located in the Northern territory
How tall is Uluru?
1,000 feet tall and 2 miles long
Who introduced sheep to Australia?
The Europeans
What percent of the worlds opals comes from Australia?
95 percent
What is the only gem that can be mined by an individual?
What town was created as a mining town for opals?
Coober Pedy
Where are the homes on Coober Pedy?
What is the largest station in the outback?
Anna Creek Station
How many acres does the Anna Creek Station cover and what's the size
6 million acres and is about the size of Belgium and is about 250 miles from the nearest city
What percent of Australia has no rivers flowing through its land?
2 thirds or 66 percent
Australia is the ________ largest producer of gold in the world
3rd largest
Australia was involed in ______
The Japanese attacked the what cities of Australia
Darwin and Sydney
Australias population? (Number)
US population? (Number)
323 Million
Where did cane toads originally come from?
South America to Australia
Why we're cane toads needed?
To eat beetles and bugs off sugar cane
How many aboriginal groups are in Australia?
Over 400
What is toxic to anything that eats them and are dispised by Australians?
The cane toad
Capital city?
What is the aboriginal word for 'meeting place'
What is the driest inhabited continent in the world?
How far does the aboriginal occupation date back?
40,000 years
When did the first fleet of prisoners arrive into Port Jackson (Sydney Harbor)?
January 26, 1788
What percent of the Aboriginal population in Port Jackson die of smallpox?
90 percent
Who carried the smallpox in the first year?
the British Colonist
A total of 165,000 convicts were transported between what years?
Between 1788 and 1868
How many months did it take the convicts to reach Australia?
9 months
Where were the Convicts originally?
Great Britain
What day is Australia Day?
January 26
What is the national holiday in Australia?
Australia day
Australia Day for Australians is like our _______
Fourth of July
What did the Aboriginals refer Australian Day as?
Invasion day
When does the new school year start for Australians?
After Australia Day or January 27
How many weeks (school) do they get off?
12 weeks
Why would the schools close?
They close due to hot days
What months is it hot?
Are uniforms or regular close worm at both public and private schools?
What is a sweater in Australia?
A jumper
What ages are you to be in primary school?
What are required for recess?
What do high schoolers have every Monday?
They learn to swim, surf, etc
How long to the high schoolers learn surfing, swimming, etc?
For six weeks every monday
When did Australia become the Commonwealth of Australia?
January 1, 1901
What is the National Gemstone?
What was the first capital of Australia?
Who named the Great Barrier Reef?
James Cook
When can Australians Vote (all required)
Age of 18
How much is the fine if you don't vote?
75 dollars
When are the elections held?
On Saturday
Where are absent voting booths found?
In Airports
What is the White House in Australia Called?
The lodge
What is the national rugby team?
The wallabies
Largest cities in order?
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
When is Australia Day?
January 26
When did the first fleet arrive?
Australia Day or January 26 1788
Where did the first fleet arrive?
New South Wales- Sydney harbor
How many ships did the first fleet consist of?
11 ships
How many people were on board the first fleet?
Who was the king of England?
King George 3
What did the aborigines call Australian Day?
Invasion day
What happened in 1973
The Sydney opera house opened
What happened In 1962
Aborigines could finally vote
What happened in 1967
Aborigines became citizens of Australia
What happened in 1901
The 6 colonies joined to form he Commenwealth of Australia
What does the Governor General get?
Appointed by the queen (at the time it was queen Elizabeth 2)
Who is the current Governor General?
Peter cosgrove
What does peter cosgrove do?
Represents the queen of England in Australia
Who is the prime minister?
Malcolm Turnbull