12 terms

The Crucible ACT 1

Reverend Samuel Parris
mid-40s, minister of Salem church, where he feels unappreciated,
widower with no interest in children or talent with them, believed he was being persecuted; wants more pay and the deed to his house
Betty Parris
age 10; daughter of Rev. Parris; caught by her father dancing in the forest, is now "sick"; when Abigail beings naming women seen with the devil, she "recovers" and adds names to the list; George Jacobs, Goody Howe, Matha Bellows, Alice Barrow, Goody Bibber
Abigail Williams
age 17, niece of Rev. Parris; orphan, formerly worked for the Proctors-until she had an affair with the husband, John Proctor; was caught by her uncle dancing in the forest, where she also drank a blood charm to kill Goody Proctor
black slave of Rev. Parris; he brought her with him from Barbados; when blame is put on her, she names Goody Good and Goody Osborn as belonging to the devil
Ann Putname (Goody Putnam)
45 years old; a "twisted soul"; has 7 babies die; sent Ruth to Tituba to conjure the spirits of those babies to see why they died; feels that something evil has prevented her babies from living
Thomas Putnam
husband of Ann; has many grievances and a vindictive nature
Ruth Putnam
only surviving child of Thomas and Ann; danced with Betty and Abigail
Mercy Lewis
Putnam's servant; 18; "fat, sly, merciless"; danced naked with the girls in the forest
John Proctor
farmer; mid-30s; doesn't like hypocrites; has a steady manner and a troubled soul; is respected and feared in Salem; dislikes the "hellfire and bloody damnation" sermons of Rev. Parris
Susanna Walcott
a little younger than Abigail
Mary Warren
17; subservient; naive; lonely; works for the Proctors
Giles Corey
83; canny; inquisitive, and still powerful; has been in court 6 times that year; a "crank and a nuisance"; says his wife Martha reads "strange books" and that, while she's reading them, he is unable to pray; wonders why she reads and why she hides the books