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  1. Current Procedural Terminology Code (CPT)
  2. CMS 1500
  3. Accounts Receivable
  4. Claim
  5. Assignment of Benefits
  1. a The standard claim form
  2. b A request for payment.
  3. c The authorized signature of the pt for payment to be paid directly to the physician for services.
  4. d Coding system published by the american medical association that translates services received by a pt into a numeric value for convenience and continiuity of reporting these services to third parties for payment. The system is recognized by governmental payers and private insurance companies. (*always 5 digits ex:25000)
  5. e The total amt. of all charges for services rendered to pt's that have not been paid to the physician.

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  1. The health care provider is automatically paid a fixed amt. per month regardless of provided services for each pt who is a member of a particular insurance organization.
  2. A term given to a primary care physician for coodinating the pt's care to specialists, hospital admissions and so on.
  3. The physician who cares for a pt in the hospital (not necessarily the physician who admitted the pt)
  4. A prepaid group practice serving a secific geographic area.
  5. A physician who has contacted to participate with an insurance company to be reimbursed for services according to the company's plan.

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  1. Individual InsuranceInsurance purchased by an individual for self and any eligible dependents.


  2. Encounter Form (Superbill)The total amt. of all charges for services rendered to pt's that have not been paid to the physician.


  3. Coodination of Benefits (COB)A printed description of the benefits provided by the insurer to the beneficiary.


  4. Preadmission Testing (PAT)A condition that existed before the insured's policy was issued.


  5. Utilization ReviewA panel that tracks what their members receive and checks if their medical care meets the standards of the organization.