Spinal Anatomy 1 wk.8 (Sacroiliac Joint and Pelvis)

The SI Joint is now considered a primary source of ________ _________
__________—possibly up to ______% of "low back pain".
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Runs horizontal from S1-S2 tubercles to iliac tuberosity near the PSIS.Posterior Sacroiliac (SI) Ligament: Brevis (indicated by dark green tape)Has two bands: - one from the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine (PSIS) - and one from the S3-S4 tubercles that run along the SI joint and blend with the ______________________ ligamentPosterior Sacroiliac (SI) Ligament Longis (indicated by blue tape) sacrotuberousThickening of the anterior articular capsule Runs horizontal fibers across the entire anterior portion of the SI joint.Anterior Sacroiliac Ligament (indicated by red dot)Run from the L5 TP's (rarely L4) to the sacrum and iliac crest of the same side. Each is composed of as many as ___ parts The most prominent part consists of a ____________and ________ band.Iliolumbar Ligaments 5 superior and inferior bandThe ________________ band of the iliolumbar Lig. is composed of anterior and posterior bands and Attach from the tip of "L5 transverse process" to medial side of the iliac crestSuperior band of iliolumbar ligaments (indicated by blue dot)The _____________ band of iliolumbar ligaments. runs from the inferior aspect of the "L5 TP" to the sacral ala. It blends with the _____________ ____________ ligamentInferior anterior sacroiliacIliolumbar ligaments stabilize the _________________ articulation.lumbosacralIliolumbar ligaments helps prevent anterior translation (shear) of L5 on the sacrum--maintains proper alignment of L5-S1 Primarily limits flexion and lateral flexion with some extension and y-axis rotation between L5-S1 limits sacroiliac joint gapping with lateral flexionAccessory sacroiliac ligaments (2)sacrotuberous and sacrospinous LigamentsThe ________________________ and _______________________ ligaments provide stability to the SIJ— specifically the inferior aspect of the SIJsacrotuberous and sacrospinous_________________ __________________. Runs from the posterior, inferior, lateral side of the sacral apex and coccyx to the ischial tuberosity. Superior portion is blended with fibers from the posterior SI longusSacrotuberous Ligament (indicated by green dot.)____________________ ____________________ - From the anterior sacrum levels S2-S4 to the ischial spine Forms the inferior border of the ____________ ___________ __________. Upper border is the ___________ ___________ of the _________.Sacrospinous Ligament (indicated by red dot.) greater sciatic foramen sciatic notch, iliumSacrospinous Ligament _________________ ______________ and ______________ ____________ and other n.n. and vessels to the gluteal region pass through the greater sciatic foramen.Piriformis muscle, sciatic nerveSacrospinous Ligament: Spasm and tightness of the piriformis can entrap or irritate the sciatic nerve causing ____________________ ________________.piriformis syndrome (Both structures pass through the hole indicated by blue/aqua arrow)Sacrospinous Ligament: The _______________ ______________ ______________ is formed between the sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments.lesser sciatic foramen (hole indicated by blue arrow)_______________ _______________ muscle and nerve passes through the lesser sciatic foramen.Obturator internus (Lesser sciatic foramen hole indicated by blue arrow)Thin fibrocartilage disc between the sacral apex and coccygeal baseSacrococcygeal Articulation__________________ __________________ Ligament From the pelvic (anterior) surface of the sacral apex to the coccyx. Corresponds to the ALL.Anterior Sacrococcygeal Ligament (indicated by red tape)________________________ Articulation A fibrocartilaginous disc is present between the apex of the sacrum and the coccyx—making this joint a _______________.Sacrococcygeal symphysis_____________ ________________ _________________ Ligament Lies in the sacral canal and connects the apex of the sacrum to the coccyx posteriorly. - Continuation of the PLLDeep Posterior Sacrococcygeal Ligament (indicated by purple tape)____________________ ______________ _________________ Ligament - From the sacral hiatus to the posterior coccyx - Completes the lower canal The filum terminale externum passes between these two ligaments before attaching to the coccyxSuperficial Posterior Sacrococcygeal (ligament indicated by pink tape)The ________________ _____________ _______________ passes between these two ligaments, Superficial and Deep Posterior Sacrococcygeal, before attaching to the coccyx.filum terminale externum (connective tissue strand indicated by #15)_________________ Ligaments Connect the sacral and coccygeal cornuaIntercornual (indicated by green tape)_______________ ___________________ ligaments Transverse process of coccyx to inferolateral angle of the sacrumLateral sacrococcygeal Ligemants