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IB German Exam Prompts Study 2012


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Aims: to give factual info/advice to persuade
Include: - title
-use du form
-clear paragraphs, intro, and conclusion
-use past tense
Ein Referat/ Eine Rede
Aims: persuasive speech
Include: - begin with "Meine Damen und Herren"
- State intention "Heute möchte ich über... sprechen"
- Use Sie
- Determine if dialektisch
- use rhetorical questions and exclamations
-use opinions and justify with facts
Aims: Creative/Imaginative diary writing
Include: - start with date (in words)
- begin with "Liebes Tagebuch"
- 1st pov = use ich
- describe feelings
- if blog then start with most recent entry
Aims: Formal letter to apply for job
Format: - left hand corner = address
- right hand corner = date
-below your address = employers address
- "RE" (from email): subtitle - "Bewerbung auf".
-Start: "Sehr geehrte (Herr, Frau, Damen/Herren).
-Use Sie
-Include all relevant experience and interest in job
-end with "mit freundlichen Grüßen"
Aims: Formal letter of complaint
Format: - make it clear why you are writing "Ich schreibe Ihnen, um mien Unzufriedenheit über... zu äußern"
- expectation of explanation/refund
-Use Sie form
Aims: Formal letter stating your point of view
Format: -combo of formal letter layout and language used in Referat/Rede to state POV
- must be persuasive
-end with "mitt freundlichen grüßen" or "Hochactungsvoll"
-Use Sie Form
Informeller Brief
Aims: Informal letter to a friend of family
Format: -in right hand corner put name, and date
-begin with Lieber/Liebe
-Use du form
-end informally (alles Liebe)
Aims: A publicity brochure to persuade/convince the reader
Format: - begin with headline
-give each section a subheading
-use Sie form
-use language to persuade reader
Aims: Statement to police/ eyewitness report
Format: - begin with title date and time
-write paragraphs describing actions
Aims: Script of a Conversation
Format: - Begin with title and paragraph with info
- set in dialogue script form
Kreatives Schreiben
Aims: Creative Writing (any topic possible)
Format: - diverse adjectives, full description
- Avoid unless confident or inspired
Aims: Book or Film Review
Format: - give title
- give brief summary of the plot
-use persuasive language
- use Sie
- if you quote something make sure you use German quotations
Aims: Discursive Essay weighing up pro and cons of topic
Format: - Clear structure
-Formal, neutral language
-Factual content
-Inferred opinion
Literarischer Essay
Aims: Literary essay on book you have studied
Format: - question is general so you can apply is to any book
- write a balanced, formal Essay with clear intro and paragraphs
- reference back to the test
-put any quotes in german style.