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Speaking/Writing Tasks Where do you get your news? TV? The Internet? Newspapers? What types of stories do you read in the news? How can the news help society? What are some problems that the news can cause in society? What kinds of news stories tend to interest people? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being in the news? What do you think are the good/bad points of being a journalist?

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The lecturer explained 7 ___________ of good journalism. = Moral rules or beliefs about what is right and wrong, that influence how you behave
She is majoring in _____________. = the job or activity of writing news reports for newspapers, magazines, television, or radio
There was an ________ about the school in the newspaper. = a piece of writing about a particular subject in a newspaper or magazine
in the news
The lives of celebrities are often ________. = (3 words) a story that newspapers are writing about
The reporter interviewed several ___________ after the accident. = a person who sees a crime or accident and tells what happened.
photo journalist
A ___________ is a person who takes pictures for the news.
The New York Times had an _________ about the election. = a piece of writing in a newspaper that gives the editor's opinion about something, rather than reporting facts
The _________ decided not to run the story because there weren't enough facts. = a person who checks information in news stories and decides which articles to print.
The article was ___________ in the New York Times. = to arrange for a book, magazine etc to be written, printed, and sold
His _________ is very important to him. = when you keep some information and do not share it with other people.
He was angry because the news paper ________ something that wasn't true. = to write sth in a newspaper or magazine
Many __________ tried to talk to the president after the speech. = a person who writes news stories
The reporters wanted to __________ the president. = to ask somebody questions about their life, opinions, ideas, etc.
The newspaper has many __________. = a person who reads a newspaper or magazine
Many of that TV show's _________ are elderly. = a person who watches a program
There was a big _________ about the politician because he had an affair with a very young assistant. = an event in which someone, especially someone important, behaves in a bad way that shocks people
Some news websites ________ the story about accident. = to make things seem bigger, more important, better or worse than they really are.
There was very little ________, so they didn't run the story in the newspaper. = information that shows that something is true
He said that the newspaper ___________ her views and took her comments out of context. = to describe somebody's ideas in a way that is not correct or true
The actor _________ the company for libel after they published the article about his life. = to take legal action to get money from somebody because they said untrue things about you.
One role of the news is to act as a ___________. = a person or group that pays attention companies and/or the government to make sure they don't do bad things
The death penalty is a __________ issue in the U.S. = something that causes a lot of disagreement
Some low quality newspapers like to ____________ the news because they want to sell more papers. = to make sth seem very strange, exciting, or shocking
The article _________ that several people were injured. = said in a news story
He loves to read __________. = a newspaper that has small pages, a lot of photographs, and stories mainly about sex, famous people etc rather than serious news
She lives in Europe and works as a news _________ for an American newspaper. = a type of reporter that reports news from a particular area or on a particular subject
Sometimes newspapers don't __________ a story because the owners don't want to give it attention. = to report the details of an event for a newspaper or a television or radio programme
Some people think that the news can be used to ___________ people. = to make someone think and behave exactly as you want them to, by skilfully deceiving or influencing them:
Good news articles should avoid _________. =an opinion about whether a person, group, or idea is good or bad which makes you deal it in an unfair way
The reporter's story was too _________ so the editor didn't publish it. = an opinion about whether a person, group, or idea is good or bad which influences how you deal with it; the opposite of objective
It is important for journalists to stay __________. = based on facts, or making a decision that is based on facts rather than on your feelings or beliefs; the opposite of subjective
The article was _________. = based on facts
Walter Chronkite was a famous news ___________. = someone who reads the news on TV and introduces news reports
That news program is ________ just in the U.S. = shown on TV
Newspapers often _________ bad language like this f*#^. = to take out words, pictures, scenes that are considered bad or offensive.
The story ________ quickly. = to become known about or used by more and more people
There were _________ that actor was getting divorced, but they weren't true. = information or a story that is passed from one person to another and which may or may not be true; similar to gossip
The __________ of the newspaper was about the moon landing. = the title of a newspaper report, which is printed in large letters above the report
The __________ under the cartoon says 'On the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog.' = words printed above or below a picture in a book or newspaper or on a television screen to explain what the picture is showing
The article included some ________ about crime in the U.S. = information that is shown in numbers Ex. 25% of the crimes last month were...
The New York Times has very good ________. = the opinion that people have about whether something is good, trustworthy, etc
It is important for reporters to have _________ sources. = deserving or able to be believed or trusted
She likes to watch the _______ news. = about the nearby area
The news show, Frontline, does _________ stories about various topics. = a news story that is longer than usually and goes more deeply into a topic.
Before they printed the article, the reporter wanted to ______ the information with another source. = check that something is true
They have ___________ news about the earthquake. = when news is happening right now
eyewitness reports
There were several ___________ about the crime. = (2 words) information from people who saw something happen
His ________ gave him the names of several people who broke the law. = the person or thing where information comes from
One person in the picture was __________. = do not know the name of that person or thing
She is a regular _________ for the newspaper. = someone who writes articles, especially about a particular subject, that appear regularly in a newspaper or magazine
He writes a _________ about computers and technology. = web log; a web page that is made up of information about a particular subject, in which the newest information is always at the top of the page
She is interested in ____________ journalism. = a type of journalism in which reporters spend a long time finding out about topics such as crime, bad businesses, government behavior, etc.
press conference
The actor had a __________ at the hotel. = when reporters come to a place to listen to a famous person and ask them questions.
Some groups use newsletters or social media to spread ___________. = information that is given by a group to try and change people's ideas and which is not true or which tells just one part of a story
freedom of speech
____________ is a basic right in the U.S. = (3 words) the ability to say or write anything, even criticism about the government.
Being _________ is an important part of being a journalist. = treating people equally; giving everyone a chance and not taking just one side = fair
If newspapers do not have _________, readers cannot trust them. = the quality of being honest and strong about what you believe to be right
The reporters were trying to _________ facts about the story. = get; collect and put together
Reporters should be __________. = people can believe you because you tell the truth
If a witness isn't _________, reporters should interview them. = when you can trust and depend on someone
The company wanted the newspaper to ________ the story. = not print it (idiom)
conflict of interest
If a newspaper is writing a story about a company that advertises with them, there might be _____________. = (3-word idiom) when you cannot be fair because you benefit or could lose something in that situation
The actor sued the newspaper for __________. = when someone writes or prints untrue statements about someone so that other people could have a bad opinion of them; similar to slander but slander is spoken and not written
The first part of the story gave some _________ information. = information about the past that helps understand the present situation
out of context
The statement was taken __________. = (3-word idiom) when words are shown without the sentences before or after or without the knowing the situation in which it was said. Ex. He said "The movie will fail" but the full statement was "The movie will fail if there isn't enough advertising."
The president made a _________ after the shooting. = something you say or write, especially publicly or officially
The government invited the _________ to the event. = reporters and people working in journalism
There was an __________ about their wedding in the local paper. = a small statement in a newspaper
The New York Times has a very large __________. = the average number of copies of a newspaper or magazine that are usually sold each day, week, month etc
Sometimes people to have a __________ advertisement in the newspaper. = small ads that people put in to announce or sell something
There was a _________ of a new restaurant in the newspaper. = an article in a newspaper or magazine that gives an opinion about a new book, play, film, restaurant, etc
They did a ________ broadcast of the story. = filming and showing the story at the same time.
An ____________ author wrote the article. = when the name of a person is not given.
The news story was _________. = correct and had no mistakes
The newspaper made false ____________ about the company. = saying that someone has done something wrong or illegal, but that has not been proved
They ___________ to the New York Times. = to pay money, usually once a year, to have copies of a newspaper or magazine sent to you, or to have some other service
The _________ followed the singer trying to get pictures of her. = photographers who follow celebrities to get photographs of them and sell them to newspapers and magazines
Some people say that stories about famous people are an __________ of privacy. = when someone tries to get too many details about your life
If you are a public _________, you may lose some of your privacy. = a person that is important and many people know
She has an online __________ to the New York Time
The newspaper had a long _________ after the actor died. = an article in a newspaper about the life of someone who has just died