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A 56 yr-old male is admitted to the ICU with a blood pressure of 225/135 and complains of a headache and nausea. He reports he ran out of blood pressure meds three days ago, but also appears to be confused to the date and situation. What is the most appropriate treatment approach?
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Rapidly lower the diastolic pressure to 100 with IV antihypertensive meds, then continue to gradually reduce the diastolic pressure to 85 with oral antihypertensive meds.

The maximum initial decrease should be no more than 25% reduction from initial presenting value. Reducing the blood pressure too quickly can lead to cerebral edema or renal failure.
72 male patient in ICU for 6 days on the ventilator for treatment of a COPD exacerbation. He has been receiving VTE prophylaxis and subcutaneous Heparin since admission. Today his platelet count decreased significantly to 43,000 and was found to have new DVT on his right upper extremity. What do you suspect is the most likely cause of these findings?