Time vocabulary - Advanced


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before my time
before I was old enough to remember this
for the time being
for now
at the time
at a given moment
at times
by the time
up to a certain period
from time to time
now and then
in (four days') time
within four days
in time for
soon enough for something, punctually
time off
Time when you are not at work or at school
give somebody a hard time
to deliberately make a situation difficult and unpleasant for somebody,: to criticize somebody to make them feel guilty about sth they've done
have time on one's hands
have more free time than someone actually wants
have the time of your life
have the best moment of your life
kill time
make time pass quickly because of being bored
make up for lost time
enjoy an experience as much as possible because of not having the opportunity to do it earlier in life
in time
arriving early enough to do sth
on time
punctually, at the agreed time, according to the schedule
run out of time
not to have any time left
waste a lot of time
spend time doing things which are not worthwhile
save time
do something quicker than it was expected
take up (time)
fill your time
take up all time
not to have extra time for anything else
take one's time
to use as much time as one needs to do something
time is up
when there is no time left
this time next week
for talking about or predicting the future
take a long time
take a while
with time to spare
have extra time at the end
spare time
extra time; time in which someone has nothing planned
the whole time
All the time
it's a question of time
it's inevitable that something will happen
to be pushed for time
to be short of time
short of time
not having enough time
catch up with
try to reach sb. or something ahead of you