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  1. supply---- measures how the quantity supplied changes in response to price changes
  2. according to the--- quantity demanded and price move in opposite directions
  3. some products are ----, meaning that they are used together
  4. a----is a table showing quantities supplied at different possible prices
  5. a product for which quantity changes a great deal when prices go up or down is said to be supply
  1. a schedule
  2. b supply elasticity
  3. c compliments
  4. d law of demand
  5. e elastic

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  1. supply
  2. supply
  3. expensive
  4. utility
  5. demand curve

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  1. a----is a graph showing the quantities supplied at each possible priceschedule


  2. ----is the degree to which recourses are used efficiently to produce goods and servicesproductivity


  3. a----is the amount by which the quantity demanded is higher than quantity suppliedsurplus


  4. ----is the money a business receives for its productssupply


  5. ----refers to the desire, willingness,and ability to buy a good or servicedemand