chapter 14 ap psych quiz

A health psychologist would be most likely to conduct research assessing the relationship between
unprotected sex and sexually transmitted diseases
Ben is a self-employed accountant who works overtime during the first two weeks of April to finish his clients' tax forms before the filing deadline. During this time, Ben is most likely to show a(n)
elevated blood cholesterol level
Compared with monkeys left in stable groups, those who were housed with three or four new roommates each month were more likely to experience
suppressed production of lymphocytes
Professor Dockery is a psychologist who conducts research to assess whether government-sponsored educational programs that encourage people to practice effective dental hygiene have any effect on rates of gum disease. His research best illustrates the field of:
behavioral medicine
The second phase of the general adaptation syndrome is characterized by
Compared to Type B personalities, Type A people are more likely to experience
Kelsey's painful symptoms of indigestion and heartburn were effectively reduced when her parents and teachers showed support for her decision not to continue her education. Kelsey's symptoms of distress best illustrate:
a psychophysiological illness
B lymphocytes are formed in the
bone marrow
A hay fever sufferer sees a flower on a restaurant table and, not realizing it is plastic, experiences a rapidly accelerating heartbeat and profuse perspiration. This most clearly illustrates that stress reactions can result from
classical conditioning
A perceived loss of control is associated with________ epinephrine levels and ________ lymphocyte levels.
raised; lowered
Psychologists would most likely use biofeedback to help clients reduce their
tension headaches
Smoking triggers ________ levels of epinephrine in the blood and ________ levels of dopamine in the synapses
increased; increased
Over the last 40 years, Americans have become ________ likely to smoke and ________ likely to suffer from obesity.
less; more