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  1. Ability to cause cancer
  2. a direction that an action is to be taken quickly (from the Latin meaning "at once"); an order found on a laboratory requisition indicating that the test must be done immediately.
  3. the ability of the eye to distinguish two objectives that are very close together; the sharpness of an image.
  4. A private or hospital-based laboratory that performs a wide variety of tests, many of them specialized; physicians often send specimens collected in the office to referral laboratories for testing.
  5. a sac filled with blood that may be the result of the trauma.
  6. capable of causing birth defects

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  1. preservativessubstances added to a specimen to prevent deterioration of the cells or chemical.


  2. pipetsCylindric glass or plastic tubes used to deliver fluids.


  3. specimena sample of body fluid, waste product, or tissue that is collected for analysis.


  4. anticoagulantschemicals added to the blood after collections to prevent clotting


  5. diluentA portion of a well-mixed sample removed for testing.


  6. aliquotA portion of a well-mixed sample removed for testing.