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'clear and present danger'
In deciding cases involving laws against sedition, the Supreme Court has developed the ------ rule.
1st Amendment
Reports use the ------ guarantee of the free exchange of ideas to argue against being forced to testify in court or to reveal their sources.
1st Amendment
The fact that Court has ruled that campaign contributions are a form of speech makes campaign finance regulations more difficult because to regulate speech is to limit it, which is difficult to do without violating ------.
Commercial speech
------ is protected by the 1st and 14th amendments.
Supreme Court
The specific rights that are covered under the 14th Amendment's Due Process Clause have been spelled out case-by-case by ------.
Radio and television
------ has received the most limited 1st Amendment protection.
rights of others
Each person's rights are relative to -------.
Civil rights
------ sometimes conflict with one another.
Some civil rights may be limited in ------.
Free Exercise Clause
------ gives people the right to believe whatever they choose to believe in matters of religion.
Establishment Clause
Under ------, the government still has the power to: use tax money to pay for busing students to parochial schools; provide public funds for some uses in church-related schools; exercise control over public, seasonal displays.
exempting church property from taxes, installing a chaplain in the navy, opening each session of Congress with a prayer
Government has encouraged religion in the U.S. in the following ways:------, ------, ------.
prohibited from an establishment of religion
Because the government is ------, schools must allow student religious groups to meet in the school.
Supreme Court
------ has held that the key factor in determining whether or not released time programs are constitutional is where those programs are held.
maturity of those being led in prayer
The distinction the Court has made between prayer in Congress or in State legislatures, and prayer in public schools, is based largely on ------.
Prior restraints are necessary to prevent ------.
prior restraint
Almost without exception, government cannot apply ------ to spoken or written words.
------ is one means by which Americans may lawfully seek to influence public policy.
inciting of violence, endangerment of life, protect the public
Government has the righ to make reasonable rules regulating assemblies to protect against the ------ or the ------ and to ------.