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ma huang, gui zhi, zi su ye, jing jie, fang feng, gao ben, qiang huo, bai zhi, xi xin, sheng jiang, xin yi hua, cang er zi, xiang ru, cong bai

Exterior Wind Cold

ma huang, gui zhi, zi su ye, sheng jiang, cong bai, xiang ru

Release exterior wind cold by inducing sweating

jing jie, fang feng

Release both wind cold and wind heat

qiang huo-taiyang headache; gao ben-taiyang headache and jueyin; xi xin-shaoyin headache; bai zhi-yangming headache

Relieve headache

ma huang, gui zhi, fang feng, gao ben, qiang huo, xi xin, cang er zi

Treat bi syndrome

cang er zi, xin yi hua, bai zhi, xi xin

Relieve nasal disease

sheng jiang, zi su ye

Harmonize stomach, treating morning sickness and seafood poisoning

Ma Huang

Release exterior, disperses cold; Disperses Lung Qi, controls wheezing and asthma; promote urination, reduces edema; disperses cold, invigorates circulation

Gui Zhi

harmonizes ying and wei, disperses wind cold; warms and unblocks the channel; warms Heart yang qi; assists qi transformation (qi hua), reduces edema

Zi Su Ye

Release the exterior, disperses cold; promotes movement of Spleen/Stomach qi; alleviates seafood poisoning

Jing Jie

Releases the exterior, expels wind; vents rashes, alleviates itching; stops bleeding and vaginal discharge

Fang Feng

Releases the exterior, expels wind; expels wind dampness, alleviates pain; expels wind in channels; expels intestinal wind

Gao Ben

Expels wind, disperses cold; dispels damp cold, alleviates pain

Qiang Huo

Expels wind, dispels damp cold, alleviates pain; unblocks painful obstruction, alleviates pain

Bai Zhi

Expels wind, opens nasal passages, alleviates pain; reduces swelling, expels pus; dries dampness, alleviates discharge

Xi Xin

Releases the exterior, disperses cold, alleviates pain; warms the Lung, transforms phlegm; unblocks nasal orifices

Sheng Jiang

Releases exterior wind cold; warms middle jiao, alleviates vomiting; reduces toxicity of other herbs; disperses cold, stops cough

Xin Yi Hua

Expels wind cold; unblocks nasal passages

Cang Er Zi

Expels wind cold, opens nasal passages; disperses wind dampness, disperses wind dampness, relieves skin itching

Xiang Ru

Releases exterior, transforms damp, harmonizes middle jiao; promotes urination, reduces edema

Cong Bai

Releases exterior, induces sweating; disperses cold, unblocks yang; relieves toxicity, disperses clumps

Bo he; Niu bang zi; Chan tui; Sang ye; Ju hua; Man jing zi; Dan dou chi; Ge gan; Chai hu; Sheng ma; Mu zei

Exterior Wind Heat

Bo he; Sang ye; Ju hua; Man jing zi; Chan tui; Mu zei

Clear heat and benefit eyes?

Bo he; Niu bang zi; Sheng ma

Strongly relieve sore throat?

Man jing zi; Chai hu; Bo he; Ju hua

Relieve w-h headache?

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