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Speaking Tasks: Tell your partner about a relationship from a movie or TV show. What happened? How do couples usually meet and get married in your culture? How is it different in the U.S.? How did your parents meet? Vocabulary task: Print and mix these cards. Put them in order from beginning of relationship to end (or beginning, middle, end)

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He is ________. = not married
They went on a _________. = when two people go to restaurant, movie, etc and think about each other in a romantic way.
first met
They _________ at a party in college. = when two people meet for the first time
They met and ________ right away. = liked each other
He thought she was __________ but didn't like her personality. = think somebody is handsome or pretty
___________ is more important than appearance. = the qualities of character such as being nice, funny, etc.
For him, __________ is not that important. = how another person looks
She is usually ___________ to dangerous guys. = likes someone in a romantic way
Many people use ___________ dating to find boyfriends or girlfriends. =
She was _________ with him at the party. = acting in a way to show that you like somebody romantically
He _________ her goodnight at the end of their date. = touch with lips
She _______ him after not seeing him for a long time. = embrace; hold another person to show love or friendship
She was _________ to her husband by some friends. = when someone knows two people and tell each person the other's name
set up
She wants to ________ me _______ on a date with her sister. = talk to two people so that they go on date together and maybe become boyfriend/girlfriend
blind date
They went on a __________. = (2 words) when two people go on a date but have never met before.
slept with
He ___________ her once in college. = (2 words; idiom) had sex with
got together
They ____________ at a party in college. = (2 words; slang) had sex or started a relationship
get to know
It take time to really ___________ somebody. = (3-word idiom) learn about and understand a person after you first meet.
They have a lot in _________. = have many things that are the same or similar. Ex. Both like movies, both are from a small town, etc.
He is really _________ about her. = (slang) likes somebody a lot
get along
She loves him but doesn't ___________ with his brother. = (2-word idiom) have a friendly relationship with someone
going out
They have been ______________ for two months. = in a romantic relationship; boyfriend/girlfriend (2-word idiom)
broke up
She ___________ with him because he didn't treat her very well. = end a relationship
fell in love
They ___________ when they were in college. = met and had strong romantic feelings (3-word idiom).
They are a really nice ___________. = two people in a romantic relationship.
arranged marriage
They had an ____________ marriage. = when the families of two people decide that they will get married
lived together
They lived _____________ for 2 years before they got married. = in the same house
He ___________ to her last week. = ask someone to marry you
John and Mary got ____________ last week. = promised to get married
The _________ usually wears a white dress and walks with her father at the ceremony. = woman who is getting married
The _______ usually wears a suit at the wedding. = the man who is getting married
maid of honor
The _____________ planned the party before the wedding. = (3 words) the bride's very good friend
best man
The ___________ usually speaks at the wedding dinner. = (2 words) a very good friend of the groom at a wedding
They invited many people to their _________. = when two people get married and celebrate with their friends and family
They had their wedding ___________ at a beautiful church. = an important religious or social event done in a special way
They exchanged ________ at their wedding. = serious promises people say to each other. Ex. I will always love you, in sickness and in health.
There were over a hundred people at the wedding ___________. = party after the wedding ceremony; usually includes dinner
He ____________ married when he was 26. = action
They went to Hawaii for the _________. = a trip that a couple goes on right after they get married.
is married
She ___________ married and has two kids. = fact
She is __________. = going to have a baby
She is ___________ and the baby is due in July. = going to have a baby; pregnant
have children
She wants to ___________ after she is 30. = give birth to
Her husband had a drinking problem, so she _______ him. = stopped living/being with him
He got _________ when she was talking to another guy. = feeling angry and unhappy because someone you like or love is showing interest in another person
He ___________ on her at the party. = sleep with another person that is not your boy/girlfriend
She had an __________ for many years. = had a sexual relationship with someone that is not your husband/wife
got divorced
His parents _______________ when he was 10 years old. = (2 words) end a marriage
He ___________ after his first wife died. = marry again
Her ___________ is very nice and helps her with the children. = wife's or husband's mother
They decided to see a _________ because they are having marriage problems. = a person who listens to and helps people with problems
cultural differences
__________ differences can be challenging in international relationships. = when people do things differently because they are from different countries.
People usually wear wedding ________ on their left hand in the U.S.
He is a very ________ guy. = does things to show feelings of love. Ex. sending flowers, going for walks together, etc.
They had a _________ and she is angry at him. = when two people argue in an angry way; an argument (note: can be physical but is usually just words)
He cheated on her once, but she _______ him. = to stop being angry with someone and stop blaming them, although they have done something wrong
He was always _________ to her. = when a married person never sleeps with another person.
They just had their 50-year _____________. = the date that a couple got married or got together.

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