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Q:Skills 4 RW Unit 1


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mentality (n.)
the particular attitude or way of thinking of a person or group
embody (v.)
to represent an idea or quality
confront (v.)
to deal with a problem or difficult situation
constrained (adj.)
limited by something or someone
inherently (adv.)
being a basic part of something that cannot be removed
achievement (n.)
something that has been done successfully, especially through hard work or skill
adversity (n.)
a difficult or unpleasant situation
criteria (n.)
principles used to help make a decision; rules for accepting or not accepting something
initiative (n.)
a plan for achieving a goal; a plan for dealing with a problem
reconciliation (n.)
an end to a disagreement and beginning of an agreement; the start of a good relationship after a fight
resolve (n.)
a strong determination to do something
version (n.)
a form of something that is different from another form of the same thing
deconstruct (v.)
to analyze something to understand it; to figure out how something works
disrupt (v.)
to make it difficult for something to continue in the normal way; to cause something to stop or change course
navigate (v.)
to find the direction you need to go in; to use a map to decide how to travel
pursue (v.)
to try to achieve something over a period of time
acknowledged (adj.)
recognized or shown appreciation for something
drastic (adj.)
extreme in a sudden, serious way; very different from normal
inclined (adj.)
wanting to do something;tending or leaning toward
inspirational (adj.)
making someone want to be better or more successful; causing someone to have exciting new ideas
notorious (adj.)
well known for being bad; famous for doing something wrong
pressing (adj.)
needing to be dealt with immediately; urgent
underprivileged (adj.)
having less money and fewer opportunities than most people; not having rights or advantages that most people have
aspire to (phr. v.)
to have a strong desire to do or become something
bear witness (phr.)
to provide evidence of the truth of something; to experience something and tell others about it
tip (n.)
a piece of information to help someone do something
tip (n.)
money given to someone who performs a service for another
tuition (n.)
the money that you pay to be taught, especially in a college or university