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  1. Hausa
  2. Sunni Ali
  3. The Great Rift Valley
  4. 1450
  5. Ife and Oyo
  1. a The two largest Yoruba kingdoms.
  2. b When was Great Zimbabwe abandoned?
  3. c A West African people that lived in several city-states in what is now Northern Nigeria.
  4. d First great ruler of Songhai
  5. e Where did the first humans appear in Africa?

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  1. When did agricultural life begin in Africa?
  2. A man who left Great Zimbabwe looking for salt.
  3. A West African storyteller.
  4. A West African people who formed several kingdoms in what is now Benin and Southern Nigeria.
  5. The belief that spirits are present in animals, plants, and other natural objects.

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  1. Islama West African empire that flourished after Ghana fell and grew rich from trade.


  2. Gold and SaltThe two most important trade items in Ghana.


  3. Ibn BattutaA historian and traveler, this devoted Muslim traveled to Mali and praised its justice system.


  4. 632-750When did Aksum fall?


  5. Bantu-speaking peoplesWhat type of lifestyle do the Efe live?