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  1. Songhai
  2. Under Ezana, from 325 A.D. to 360 A.D.
  3. Kilwa
  4. Tsetse fly
  5. Hunter-gatherers
  1. a A deadly insect that keeps people from settling near the rainforest
  2. b When did the Aksum Empire reach its height?
  3. c What type of lifestyle do the Efe live?
  4. d A West African Empire that conquered Mali and controlled trade from the 1400s to 1591.
  5. e A major trading civilization that traded with India.

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  1. Aksum's chief trading port, in what is now Massawa
  2. A language brought to Aksum by its early Arab inhabitants
  3. Thought to be the first king of Aksum
  4. Why did Aksum fall?
  5. What was the capital city for the Almoravids and the Almohads?

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  1. Sahara and KalahariWhat are the two largest deserts in Africa?


  2. Great ZimbabweWhere did the Shona people settle?


  3. GhanaWhich empire governed in independent city states?


  4. Mansa MusaA West African people that lived in several city-states in what is now Northern Nigeria.


  5. HausaMeans "War Chief"