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  1. Sundiata
  2. The Ituri Forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  3. Ghana
  4. Griot
  5. Sahel
  1. a Where do the Efe live?
  2. b Mali's first great ruler, who took over Ghana and established the new capital Niani.
  3. c The African region along the southern border of the Sahara.
  4. d Means "War Chief"
  5. e A West African storyteller.

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  1. A West African Empire that conquered Mali and controlled trade from the 1400s to 1591.
  2. The two most important trade items in Ghana.
  3. An African Kingdom, in what is now Ethiopia and Eritrea, that reached the height of its power in the fourth century A.D.
  4. Possibly Sundiata's grandnephew, he ruled from 1312 to 1332.
  5. The oldest known city in Africa South of the Sahara, it was discovered in 1977, with artifacts dating back from 250 B.C.

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  1. AnimismAksum's chief trading port, in what is now Massawa


  2. Stateless societiesThe Nok were the first known African people to ___________.


  3. Under Ezana, from 325 A.D. to 360 A.D.When did the Aksum Empire reach its height?


  4. NokA West African storyteller.


  5. LineageA major trading civilization that traded with India.