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Physical activity always involves movement


All movement is physical activity


The discipline of kinesiology derives its knowledge from...

All of the above

Which of the following best defines exercise?

Physical activity performed to improve the performance, health, or appearance of you body

Movement differs from physical activity in that...

Unlike physical activity, movement is not always voluntary or directed toward a goal.

Kinesiology is ____ in nature because it focuses not just on the bodily aspects of physical activity but on the cognitions, emotions, and soul as well.


What is wrong with the definition physical activity as voluntary movement intentionally performed for specific purposes that requires a substantial amount of energy?

It is too narrow and exclusive

What movement is not included in the technical definition of kinesiology?

A reflex

How do kinesiologists define physical activity?

Voluntary movement intentionally performed in order to achieve a goal in sport, exercise, or any other sphere of life experience

We experience physical activity when we...

both a and c

Which is an example of physical activity?


A referee at a basketball game gives an arm signal indicating that one team has called time-out. This is an example of an emblem.


At present there are no criteria to help us determine what a physically educated person is


Self-sufficiency PA can be divided into two categories: activities of daily living (ADL) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL). Identify which category each of the following PAs fall into. I. dressing. II. Brushing your teeth. III. Cooking. IV. Laundry

I and II are ADLs; III and IV are IADLs

Which of the following objectives for a physically educated (PE) person is the one that is commonly not met?

A PE person is regularly physically active

Which of the following is most essential to a leisure experience?

Feeling free to engage in an activity and free from a sense of obligation

Healthy people 2010 is a set of initiatives with two major goals: one of those goals is _____.

To reduce the disparity in health care in the United States

Dance and rituals often have meaning beyond just allowing one to be physically active; these are most appropriately assigned to the ____.

Self-expression sphere

What is the most important job of an ergonomist?

Study the demands of various jobs

Gestures and body language fall under the category (sphere) of ____, which is one of the categories under the larger sphere of ______.

Self-expression; experiential knowledge of PA

Recognizing that physical activity is _______ in nature is based on the belief that there is an interdependence and interrelatedness of the mind, body, and spirit.


A physically educated person _______.

does NOT have to be a skilled performer

Identify which of the following are considered open and closed skills. I. Hitting a golf ball off a tee. II. Kicking a kickball that has been pitched. III. Hitting a recquetball that has been served to you. IV. Shooting a free throw.

II and III are open skills; I and IV are closed skills

Practicing a skill is most likely to bring about which of the following?


The principle of quality refers ______.

The importance of selecting the correct type of practice

A generalist is one who ______.

Has acquired low to moderate proficiency in a relatively large number of physical activities.

Activity experience is defined in the text as...

Our actual physical performances or observations of physical activity

Choose the statement that best describes open skills

The performance of the skill varies depending on the environmental factors

What is the key to improving our physical activity performances?

Accumulating physical activity experiences

Which of the following best exemplifies the concept of training?

Increases ability to produce greater quantities of physical activity

The type of performance experience engaged in for the express purpose of refining motor control function to improve skill is known as ______.


The components of health-related fitness include all of the following EXCEPT _______.


Our decisions concerning which physical activity to pursue are determined larely by...

How we feel before, during, and after the physical activity

The type of knowledge that is derived from our subjective experiences is called...

Intuitive knowledge

One of the reasons we promote PA is the belief that is has the ability to positively affect well-being, psychological distress, and feelings of fatigue. After a vigorous bout of exercise, one would hope to see which of the following changes on the subjective exercise experience scales (SEES)?

Positive well-being would increase; psychological distress would decrease

People who are attracted to the pain, sacrifice, and fatigue associated with physical activity value it as a(n)...

Ascetic experience

An individual whose primary concern when competing in soccer is to beat his opponents may be said to have...

an ego orientation to physical activity

Self-efficacy refers to a...

Your sense of confidence to perform a specific physical activity

Relatively stable mind-sets toward physical activity are known as...


What is the main reason subjective experiences are important?

They determine whether or not we would like to pursue an activity or participate at all before, after, or during the activity

The process by which we replay our subjective experiences of physical activity is called...


What refers to the entire range of emotions and cognition, dispositions, knowledge, and meanings that we derive from physical activity?

Subjective experience

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