What are the three parts to evaluating if a person had a psychological disorder?
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What are the three categories in which abnormal behavior has been traditionally explained?supernatural biological psychologicalWhat are the three dominant traditions that have existed in the past to explain abnormal behavior?supernatural biological psychologicalWhat is the supernatural tradition of abnormal behavior like?-"good" vs "evil" -demonic possession, witchcraft, sorcery -exorcism, torture, religious services -mass hysteria -the moon and starsWho is Hipporcrates?believed that behavior as a physical diseaseWho was John P and the reformers?psychiatrist who believed mental illness has physical rootsWhat is the biological tradition of abnormal behavior like?-electric shock -crude surgery -insulin -major/minor tranquilizersWhat were some consequences of the biological tradition of abnormal behavior?mental illness=physical illnessWhat were some early biological treatments for the biological tradition of abnormal behavior?electric shock crude surgery insulin tranquilizersWhat were consequences of the biological tradition?mental illness= physical illnessemil kraepelinemphasized that different disorders have unique age of onset, symptoms and causesmoral theorytreat patients as normally as possible in normal environmentPhilippe Pinel and Jean-Baptiste Pussinproponents of moral therapy- patients shouldn't be restrainedDorothea Dixmental hygiene movementWhy did moral theory decline eventually?it was more difficult with large group of patientsWhat was moral theory favored?more humane treatment and encouraged/reinforced social interactionsWhat is the psych tradition of abnormal behavior like?-the rise of moral theoryWhat is Freudian theory?unconscious catharsis psychoanalytic modelWhat are some defense mechanisms?displacement, denial, rationalization, reaction formation, projection, repression, sublimationAccording to Freud, what are different parts of the brain?Id, Superego, EgoWhat are the psychosexual stages of development?oral anal phallic latency gential stagesAnne Freudemphasized influence of the ego in defining behaviorWhat is object relations theory?emphasizes how children incorporate objects- significant others and their images, memories, and valuesWhat is The "Talking" Cure?unearth the hidden intrapsychic conflicts long term free association dream analysis examine transference and counter-transference issuesWhat is the humanistic theory?-people are basically good -humans strive toward self-actualizationAbraham Maslow and Carl Rogersmajor players in the humanistic theoryWhat is the person-centered therapy?therapist conveys empathy and unconditional positive regard more effective with people dealing with normal stressbehavioral modelderived from a scientific approach to the study of psychopathologyWhat is classical conditioning?people learn associations between neutral stimuli and stimuli that already have meaning (unconditioned stimuli)What is operant conditioning?voluntary behavior is controlled by consequencesWhat is the integrative approach?psychopathology is multiply determinedbehavior therapycreating new associations by practicing new behavioral habits, and/or reinforcing useful behaviors with positive consequences